Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making our house a home & capturing memories with photos, lots of photos.

When I started writing this post a few weeks ago I had full intentions of it being a
2012 ~ our year so far post
Somehow it turned more into a
Making our house a home post.
Which I think is just what I was meant to post about in this momment
I do hope to post that 2012 update though, when the time is right.


My Family Mission Statement for this year included taking more photos and with the help of
Fat Mum Slims photo a day challenge for the month of January and now February
and the Project 365/366 app I have been taking loads of photos!
I am loving looking back on all the photos I've taken it takes me back to that momment.
I am also really enjoying seeing physical proof that I am working on one of my 2012 goals everyday.

Januarys photos

Another part of the photo goal was to display them some more
whats the point in taking all these photos and only displaying them on facebook?
So I got a little creative and put together a few different photo collages.

the collage in the lounge room

the "love" collage in my room

Another goal on our list was to do with decluttering and organising the house.
I am happy to say I have pretty much decluttered majority of the house there is just a few bits and pieces around to finish doing but overall the main living areas look great!
I now have a study nook 

a work in progress command centre.

I've even had time to decorate with some wooden letters and new lamps.

It really is the small things that make a house a home. ;)

I love coming into our home now, its warm and orgainsed and starting to fill with gorgeous memories in the form of photos.
It feels good knowing I have created a nice little place for me and my babes... well until the end of the year where we'll be packing it all up and re-creating again.
I'm excitied about that though!

Was decluttering and organising on your 2012 to-do list? How are you going with it?

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

All that I have... from the floor up!

Last night I was having an emo momment... As you do.

I was sitting on the floor in the corner of my lounge room
(only because that's where my iPhone was charging)
and I started thinking about stuff... Then I zoned out & looked up.
Not right up to the roof but above eye level.
And it hit me
I came crashing into the momment
(it was quite surreal)
Look at what I have... Look how far I've come.
Right in front of me was my couch.
Not any old couch, not someone elses couch, I was looking at MY couch in MY home.
My couch because I'm not a kid looking in & dreaming of one day having a home and a couch.
My couch because I am that kid all grown up into an adult and adults have couches.
These 4 walls, all be it aren't mine but they hold everything I do own.

I have created a life and a home for myself and my boys within these bricks & mortar and it's all ours.
The toys, the bookcase, the beds, our clothes it's all ours.
I had such an overwhelming sense of pride & accomplishment that I shed a few tears.
We are so so lucky!

We dont have fancy stuff but what we have is amazing & it works.
I love the space I am creating more & more every day.
It really is the small things, the cushions on the couch, the pictures on the walls, the decorating.
All these things make our home comfy and cosy all these things make our house a home.
And of course the thing that makes our home absolutly complete Is the fact the 3 of us are all here together.
Not only do these 4 walls hold our materialistic things, they hold our irreplaceable things, they hold us, they hold our love, they hold our tears & hold our memories.

And all of this came from sitting on the floor over in the corner looking at life from a different perspective.
I think I'll start sitting on the floor some more it's such an amazingly beautiful view.

So you probably all think I'm crazy ;) but honestly...
Do it. Go on. Go sit on the floor in the corner. Look up. What do you see?

P.s my laptop has the lurgi ;) so some of my posts will be done on my iPad unless the boyfriend has leant me his laptop (he's pretty awesome like that) so they will look a little different.

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