Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's more then a number game...

Do you ever get to a point where you want to delete everything from your life?
You know like facebook, blogger, twitter?

I do plenty
Im there right now
Why you ask?

Because people are way too consumed with themselves
Thats the simple way of putting it.

Since leaving high school i have struggled to find me.
Who i am what im good at that no-one else is good at
Something that people will go, oh go ask Tara something people admire me for.

It seems there is always someone trying to steal my shine!
Wether it be blogging, or meal planning, being organised
the worst one, the biggest one, the one that drives this post 
my facebook business.
I cant stand it
Why can they just not let ME have my momment?
Why cant they just let me Shine?

Im not going to get into stupid petty fights about it
I am smart enough and mature enough to know i did NOT create any of the ideas i had for my business
for my blog, for meal planning and organising
the point is out of X amount of certain people i felt like i had done it first.
( i know there will be people reading this going no you didnt, & why do you care simple as i do care it hurts)
But then my idea was ripped away from me and someone else got the spotlight.

Yes yes i know
Imatation is the sincerest form of flattery

But to who? because i sure as dont like it!

Life seems to be one big competition
one big game of numbers

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How many people can i get on my business page, how many likers can i get on my blog or Blog FB page
I wont deny it i was like this a little while ago
But i've since seent he light
Who cares how many people you have on a page or readers of a blog
Because think about it, really think about it!
Out of say 1000 likers how many buy your products
Out of 162 Blog FB page likers how many read your posts and interact with you?
Dont get me wrong i am grateful for the amount of likers i have on all my pages
But i wouldnt lose any sleep if i didnt gain anymore.

Ok yes i know the more you get out there the more promoting you do the bigger oportunites you can gain
I guess i believe that if anything was meant to be
 It will happen regardless of what you do or dont do to help it.
I'm happy to take it slow these days and just let it happen when It's meant too.

My main goal now is to interact with as many of my exisiting likers and followers
If new ones pop in awesome but i want them to come off their own back,
because they like what i sell, they like what i type, they like what i have to say.

I joined the forum on FB pages yep its true
but for me it was to find more blogs to follow.
They are all in one spot FANTASTIC makes life so much easier
I won't follow a million blogs or like thousands of FB business pages
if im not interested in reading them or buying from them.
Whats the point all it does is clog up my newsfeed.
I guess you could see it as organising my blog and FB life.

Reading back over this it sounds harsh and somewhat hypocritical
But everyone makes a new choice somewhere which contradicts their past 
But its all about growth and realisation.
I have just reached that point.
Hopefully this decison and this change gives me the chance to shine
For it to finally be all about me
Selfish? no i dont think so
We all deserve to have something that is just about us!

Life is too short to worry about numbers and to rush trying to get to "where you want to be"
Im just going to sit back and go with the flow
ride that rollercoaster and see what happens.

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