Thursday, June 9, 2011

J Talk edition 2

Master J is coming out with new words and ways of saying things every day
and i want to keep a record of them
Which is why i have decided to to do a few posts on his words
which will only be an every now and then thing.

So this is installment number 2!

" Beat bik"
translation - weet-bix

I hear a big bang or thud coming from another room
theres no tears so hes not hurt or broken
"Master J are you ok?"
Master J answers?
"I k"
translation - I'm ok

translation - McQueen as in Lightning

"Doody & Bugz"
Translation - woody and buzz from toy story

"I blow"
Translation - i need to blow/wipe my nose

"No poo"
Translation - he dosen't have a dirty nappy (pretty obvious i know)

Translation - Cohen aka Lil C

"Look mum weaw weaw"
Translation - Look mum a police car/ ambulance/fire engine

I love that he has his own little way of saying things now
 I love even more he can tell me what he wants or needs
His speech is coming along beautifully.
What funny words does your kiddie use for certain things?

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