Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting organised - PJ Station

So i may like to be organised
its no secret.
Sometimes im not and they are the times i feel completely out of control.
I join lots of orgainsing sites
one of them being
Jade has the most fabulous ideas and tips.

One of her awesome ideas was an Errand Station
another was a Summer Station

My Pigeon Pair took inspirtaion from Jades Summer Station and created a Winter station

And i have now taken inspirtaion from both lovely ladies
and created a PJ station for my boys.

The Pj Station is a basket of after bath essentials
which are all together and can be put popped into the basket whenever you get a spare sec during the day.

Our PJ station has..

A gorgeous blue and white polka dot basket from "The Warehouse"

Inside the basket we have...

1 x nappy for Master J
set of Pjs
Singlet and pair of socks
1 x nappy for Lil C
romper or pjs
singlet and pair of socks
1 tub of normal Vicks for their feet
1 tub of Vicks Baby Balsam for their chest & back

Once the boys are in the bath, with dad supervising
I just pull this basket out and turn the heater on.

I use to get all this ready whilst they were in the bath or even earlier and that worked just fine
except i had no where to put it except on the top of the couch.
Having it all in a basket means i can keep it all together on a shelf in our bookcase
and whip it out in a few seconds.
Which is defaintly what we need when struggling with 2 slippery, tired little boys
right in the middle of feral o'clock.

Do you have any little tricks or methods that make a huge difference in the running of your day?

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