Sunday, May 22, 2011

Germs, be GONE

Sickness has struck us down

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Guess its better then the rapture right?

The germs hit Master J first the poor thing a terrible cold
He's been quite sooky and whiney
and as much as that drives me crazy i know its only because he is just not well.
We decided swimming lessons was just not an option and stayed home.

It then struck Mr S
ohhh yes the dreaded flipping Man Flu
So of course i now have 2 children instead of 2 ;)

Then it decided 2 family members wasnt enough
Myself and Lil C are now sick :(

YES mummy is sick!
BUT as it is the unwritten code of motherhood
I suck it up and keep the house running
the hosuework and washing are getting done slooowly
and thats ok by me!

As for Lil C
the poor owlet is teething and now has a cold
hes off his food and not drinking as much as he was
Hes having trouble falling asleep so we've been co-sleeping a few nights
yet my gorgeous boy is still smiling
yes thats right the boy will smile through ANYTHING

So the end of this week brought tissues and wiping running noses
warm clothes, vicks and singlets
and lots of mummy cuddles.

I have been able to do some creating for my wee little FB business

material cut out for wipescases

And its given me time to blog and build my Fb page
i am still lacking some serious blog inspiration though :{

I've also been able to plan and start making things for Master J's 3rd birthday party
Can't wait to share that with you all.

So i guess this sickness thing has kinda worked in my favour
I've had a productive week.
I've acheived lots

As i type we are rugged up sitting inside with blankies and the heater on
watching Beauty & The Beast
as the rain and cold wind blows outside.

But as much as i love the mummy cuddles and this weather
i loathe the germs that come with it
I just want my babies better.

So germs to you i say.. 
BE GONE, you are not welcome here anymore...

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