Monday, May 16, 2011

writers block, so lets cook

Do you have a fussy eater?
My master J is terrible.
As a wee babeh he would eat whatever i fed him
but as soon as he learned to feed himself and gained that independence
all food consumption went out the window.
Unless it came in tin spaghetti or nugget form

So i was left wondering what to do.
I child will never starve themselves that you can be sure of
But how do you deal with the mothers guilt of you child not eating their vegies?

I was given loads of advice
and took most of it onboard.
Some of its worked most of it hasn't.
So ive found our own little tricks that work
and by golly did i get sneaky ;)

I used pureed mixed vegies as a substitute for the egg & milk step on chicken schnitzel
It was a bit soggy at first but once they started cooking they turned out fabulously and he ate them all up

We use tomato sauce.

Ok so not the best way but seriously
Master J will eat almost anything with tomato sauce on it
I dont put much but there has to be some.
The boy ate roast beef and roast potatos because it had sauce on it!
I almost fainted he's never eaten roast beef!
We grate or finely chop vegies into EVERYthing possible.
Spaghetti sauce is the real winner
in goes almost every vegie
AND dont forget the ravioli he luurves ravioli.
im yet to attempt making it myself but its definatly on the list

He loves chicken nuggets
a good friend of mine gave us a chicken nugget recipe using chicken mince
loads of vegies and breadcrumbs
mix it all together
well kinda
and VOILA chicken nuggets the fuss pot will eat
oh and dont forget the sauce.

this is my adapted version
500gms chicken mince
Grated carrott, zuchini, celery, i also grated capsicum and squash
plain flour to dust
milk and egg wash
breadcrumbs to coat
Oil to cook

combine mince and grated vegies in bowl
(no need to really bind the mixture as the chicken mixture is quite moist)
roll mixture into balls of the size you wish
then form into nugget shapes
dust in plain flour, dip in milk & egg wash and coat in breadcrumbs
Heat oil in fry pan and place a few nuggets in at once.
Cook unitl golden brown and cooked through.
Serve with favourite sauce.

These are good to freeze too
I froze some for the boys and just used the oven to re-heat

Master J loves these especially if i make the little party pies
mince and vegies pastry and sauce

Another family favourite
He dosent quite like the mushrooms
but i never thought my boy would eat leek let alone sour cream
AND we dont have to have sauce on this one ;)

My latest winner was dinner the other night of
Baking Dish Pastie.
I chocked it full of vegies and he devoured it
sauce and all

Baking Dish Pastie
recipe from Play Time Snacks on FB
500gms mince
puff pastry
1 carrott
2 potatos
1 parsnip
1 sweede
1 turnip
1 onion
1 tsp of corn flour
1/2 tsp curry powder
1 beef stock cube
i also added
zucchini, squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, beans and brocoli

Brown diced onion & mince, add potato & carrott (diced small)
Cook for 5 mins, add stock cube, pepper & salt
Grate turnip, parsnip & sweede
I added all other vegies here too
Mix in a small bowl corn flour and curry powder pour over meat
Mix well, add lid, cook for 15 mins, stir when needed.

Put a layer of pastry in baking dish, fill with mixture
Add a top layer & prick with fork
Brish with milk & bake for 30 mins at 180o or until golden.

not my own image, image from Play Time Snacks

All these recipes help ease the mothers guilt
I'm happy for him to eat all of these insead of meat and veg sepeartly
because at least even if he dosent know whats really in it, i do!
if all else fails i whip out the trusty ol tin of spaghetti

Honestly somedays you just have to pick your battles and give in.
Theres always tomorrow nights dinner!

If you are after some fussy eater tips check out the gorgeous Nathalie of Easy Peasy Kids blog post.

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