Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am Grateful for...

Dont stop reading yet, i know it sounds materialistic etc
But when you have a mumma (or is it momma hehe) living in the USA experiencing her first tornado season
technology becomes your best friend.

Mum has been in Winfield Kansas since October 2010
As I've said before watching her leave was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Back, what 20 odd years ago?
If i had been the age i am now our communication would have been limited to..
Snail mail & very long distance phone calls.

But today in the year 2011 technology has come so far!
I can Skype, email, Blog, Facebook, and Text.
All of which has been amazing.
Skype has been my saviour whilst i have a computer
I can ring mum up any time and hear her voice, hear that shes ok, hear that shes happy.
She can be there to listen to my problems, give advice and see Master J and Lil C grow up.

While i didnt have my computer My iPhone and the Facebook app were my saviour
As much as i hated being reduced to just Comments, wall posts and Messages
It was better then nothing
THANKYOU Apple and Mark Zuckerberg!

So yes i am grateful for technology!
as you may have seen several states across the USA have been experiencing tornados
you can read more over at the gorgeous
Kansas being one of those!
Needless to say i have been petrified for my mothers safety.
She is ok and all her lovely American friends keep reassuring me it will be ok
But honestly that is easy for them to say.
Try sitting over here in Australia watching all the devastation
Konwing your loved one is right there... on/near what they call tornado alley!
Yeah now tell me it will be ok!

Through the powers of technology though
Mum has been able to keep us updated that she is indeed ok in this momment
She has given me links to track the tornados
She has also been able to share this photo with us.

Downtown Kansas City image from Here

Ok i'll admit thats a pretty awesome photo
ssshhh don't tell mum i said that ;)
But it dosen't really help ease my fear.

So there you go as much as technology really is a bit of a time waster
and iPhones can suck and Facebook is the devil
I would be compeletly lost and a total wreck without them.

Stay safe to everyone in the paths of these powerful beasts but most of all Stay Safe mom

Playing along with the ever gorgeous Maxabella

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