Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things I'm Lovin

In this momment, right now
These are the things i love.

ok so not the germs especially when my babies are sick
But i do love 
curling up on the couch under my $10 Tinkerbell blankie
reading, blogging or watching foxtel

*Hot Chocolate
I am not a coffee drinker sometimes i enjoy a nice cup of tea
Give me a hot chocolate and im yours forever
Oh and don't forget 2 marshmellows please ;)

We all know i am Loving cooking
but cooking in winter is something specia.l
Nothing beats belly warming soups and casseroles.
I love watching the kitchen windows fog up from the heat of a simmering pan
because it is that cold outside.
It makes me feel all warm and cosy.

*Excitment on faces
Master J saw the add for the Mack Truck Tour
and you could not wipe that smile off his face.
Everytime it came on he would squeal with excitment
"queen mum queen"
Needless to say we are off to the show today
How could i say no!

*Birthday Parties
Master J is 3 in a little under 3 weeks
This year his party is a bit differnt to any party I've been too
and all thanks to the gorgeous Lil of
I am having so much fun planning his big day i cant wait to start on Lil C's

*Lil C moving
Yes the little Owlet is crawling
One armed Cammando crawling and a few normal crawls
Its wonderfu,l he loves hanging out by the back door looking outside
and i love that hes exploring
Master J... well he's still getting use to the idea of his little brother chasing him down.

*Gorgeous Jewllery
The beautiful girls of HuggaBoo Designs
have created a stunning vintage inspired necklace just for meeeeee
Isnt it beautiful!
I can not wait to order some more it is everything i had pictured in my mind.
I ahve ordered a few pretties for my hair off the girls and i could not be happier.
I am smitten with their work.

What do you love right now, In this momment?

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