Monday, May 2, 2011

Library geek..

Today was a productive one.
I dropped Master J off at daycare and asked about changing his hours.
Went and purchased supplies for my creations over at TeeLee Blue
Purcahsed some more cooking utensils to help get more "fancy" in my kitchen & theraputic cooking adventures.
With Lil C in tow
i also headed off to the new Library the council have just opened up the road from us.

I had heard lots fo things about it especially for the kiddies
and they weren'r wrong.

There's beautiful kiddy books and even a toy library!
Its looking a little empty at the momment but they are waiting for the launch day on Friday to fill it full of gorgoeus books and toys.

the toy i borrowed for Master J

So i joined.
Yep i joined a Library.

To top it off i borrowed 3 books then and there for Master J.

ABC Animal Rhymes for you and me
By - Giles Anderson & David Wojtowycz

Dont Let the Aliens Get My Marvellous Mum!
By - Gillian Shields & Liz Pichon

I Love Birthdays
By - Anna Walker

Now i grabbed these books because they were bright and colourful
and fairly easy to read, not too many words.
Master J never sat still long enough to read the bookcase full of kids books he has
which saddens me as i am reader, we was when i was younger and before having 2 kiddies i would read all the time.
BUT this evening when he got home from daycare i showed him the books i had borrowed for him.
His face lit up with joy "stories"
My heart smiled, could it be he wanted to read these books?
We had dinner, bathed the boys and sat down on the couch waiting for bedtime.
I asked Master J shall we read a book.
Im delighted to say he said YES
and we read ...ALL 3!!
He loved it so did mummy :)
He helped turn the pages, said all the animals he knew in the ABC Animal Book,
and screamed "HAPPY HAPPY" when we read the I Love Birthdays book.

I couldnt beleive my little Master J sat through 3 whole books.
I hope this is the start of something beautiful.
Bed time stories and lots of imagination play.
I couldn't be happier or prouder.

Do your kiddies love books? Whats their favourite book?

Now for the mummys and alike who LOVE to read
The gorgeous Amba of Team Mummy is giving away a copy of Mia Freedmans new book
Mia Culpa.
Ambas blog is all about mummying, wether it be breastfeeding adventures or birth stories.
But more importantly its lots of beautiful photos of her little family.
Head over and check the blog out and why not join in the competiton

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