Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini bucket list

I read a post last week from one of my new favourite bloggers
Kelle Hampton ~ Enjoying the small things and she had written out a Mini bucket list after a text from a friend.

10 things all acheiveable right now that she wanted to do that week.

Fabulous idea right?

So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

1. Make bath bombs and actually use one in a nice relaxing bath.
2. Send a cute little package with a homemade card to special friends.
3. Make a homemade chocolate self saucing pudding
4. Research and plan a holiday and start saving for it!
5. Catch up with my gorgeous friend for cafe primo dinner with my boys in tow.
6. Go out for ice cream no matter the weather.
7. Make pancakes for breakfast on a weekday.
8. Wake up early before the boys and embrace the morning quietness.
9. Turn the TV off (after neighbours of course!) and do some craft.
10. Wear my hair down for a day.

All these things can be easily done in a week and a whole lot of fun.

What would you put on your mini bucket list?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post ~ Dryer balls, Natural products & a giveaway!

As many of my followers know Master J has a developmental delay and reacts to many additives and preservatives cutting these out has also lead me on a bit of a rampage trying to find more natural products around the house, making our own bread and growing our own vegies (work in progress)
My lovely friend Miss Em pointed me in the direction of a fabulous page on FB Tumblemonkey Handmade and I discovered they offer some great natural alternatives for a few products around the house.

I am so very excitied that the lovely lady behind this facebook page has agreed to do a guest post on my blog
My very first one!!!

So here we go...

Hi, Tara has asked me to come on over and introduce myself...
My name is Cath and I am a mother of 3 on a journey to rid my home and life of toxic chemicals
(one product at a time so my kids don't freak out).

I have found through trial and research cleaning solutions for your clothes, dishes and house that WORK as well if not better than the chemical products found in the supermarket.
My choices contain NO hazardous chemicals and are (kind on skin and respiratory systems.)

Firstly I would like to introduce you to my wool felt dryer balls (that are basically wool balls that live in your dryer and reduce the time it takes to dry a load of washing significantly)
Our customers (and there are many and growing daily) report 3 dryer balls give you about 30% savings and 6 will give you closer to 50% saving on the time (and that means money spent drying your clothes.)
They are very reasonably priced (only $4 ball) and they also makes your clothes fluffy and soft
(and are perfect for MCN's.)

I have also done alot of trialing with soap nuts, which are actually berries that can be used to replace detergents when washing clothes, in your dishwasher and even as hand washes, bubble baths and shampoos etc.
If you have heard of them but have just not had a chance to give them a try, I do sample packs for only $3 (which gives you enough to wash about 4-6 loads of clothes to see just how fabulous they are).

The most exciting part of my stable of products is to come.
I have just decided after using and loving Nature Direct in my home that I would become a distributor of their natural cleaning products.
They are multipurpose (so few products that replace all the ones you have at home like your bleaches, Domestos, Glen 20 PineOcleans, Spray& wipes etc.
They contain only natural ingredients (are biodegradable) ,they are easy to use and really WORK, They have a MONEY BACK guarantee and the best is they are really economical (which as a mother of 3 is one of my biggest frustrations...when I find something that is great...it is usually too expensive for me to buy and keep using over the long term)

Anyway hopefully I have wet your appetite and you might be interested in coming on over to check out Tumblemonkey Handmade and consider changing your choices so you can make a safer home and environment free from chemicals.
There is a fabulous community of woman who all contribute their knowledge on many subjects and cleaning scenarios.

Join us at Tumblemonkey.


If you have any questions regarding her products etc Cath is more then happy to answer them for you :)


Now it's giveaway time!
Cath has so kindly offered a giveaway on 1 pack of her dryer balls!

All you have to do is be a liker of my bloggy facebook page Mum-ments and the lovely Caths page Tumblemonkey Handmade and answer this easy peasy question...

What little things are you doing around the house to help your environment?

Answer below (one entry per person) and don't forget to include you e-mail address!
Winner will be drawn Thursday morning at around 10am South Australian time.

now for the boring bits...
Giveaway is not associated or endorsed by facebook in any way
All answers must be on this blog post
Open to Australian residents only (sorry mom)
Winner will be drawn by random org and emailed.

So there we go my first guest post and I must say I LOVE it!
BIG thankyou to Cath for being my very first guest poster you have been an absolute pleasure to work with hun.

If you are interested in being a guest poster on any subject please email me at taramuller@hotmail.com or private message me over at Mum-ments

p.s I had a play around with some settings on my blog so if there is any trouble commenting please let me know and I will fix it asap.