Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mini bucket list

I read a post last week from one of my new favourite bloggers
Kelle Hampton ~ Enjoying the small things and she had written out a Mini bucket list after a text from a friend.

10 things all acheiveable right now that she wanted to do that week.

Fabulous idea right?

So I thought I'd give it a whirl.

1. Make bath bombs and actually use one in a nice relaxing bath.
2. Send a cute little package with a homemade card to special friends.
3. Make a homemade chocolate self saucing pudding
4. Research and plan a holiday and start saving for it!
5. Catch up with my gorgeous friend for cafe primo dinner with my boys in tow.
6. Go out for ice cream no matter the weather.
7. Make pancakes for breakfast on a weekday.
8. Wake up early before the boys and embrace the morning quietness.
9. Turn the TV off (after neighbours of course!) and do some craft.
10. Wear my hair down for a day.

All these things can be easily done in a week and a whole lot of fun.

What would you put on your mini bucket list?