Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ooh! That's! ~ The Mummy edition

I'm a mummy and some days are a little hard
ok who am I kidding somedays I just want to run and hide

But its the most rewarding thing in the world
since having my babies I have always said being a mummy to these 2 precious little boys
Is what I was put on this earth for
yep even when I'm having a really bad day, once its over I know its all meant to be

So this week for Tina Gray {dot} Me

Ooh, that's!

I thought I'd share some motherhood quotes from my

They are all of that and more, i want this in my lounge room
I love this every stretchie has a reason for being there
I'm proud of my "love lines"

something we should all remember as mummys

Alright hands up if youve done it ;)
I have well with a leaky nappy once nappy is changed that is

I find it so hard to let the mess go but this would be the perfect reminder

It was never going to be easy but if we remember these little things
we'll learn to cherish it and live in the momment alot more

What have you been pinning on Pinterest this week?

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I know

This week I know lots, it seems I know lots every week maybe a little too much...
But heres The Things I know anyways

*That disconnecting for almost a whole day yesterday was just what I needed
It was just what the boys needed too

this is where we eneded up

* I know that we are celebrating my baby cousins 16th birthday today
actual birthday is monday16? where the hell did those 16 years go I remember when she was a baby!

* I know being orginal is beautiful!

* I know that some people should try it! dont be scared
after some observations over the past few weeks Its become apparant there are a few handfuls of people trying to be something they're not
Just because someone else gets a good response to something dosent mean you will
just because one person says something dosent mean you have to pretend you already had that idea

* I also know that pay credit where credit is due!
I am a huge believer in giving people the credit for inspiration or ideas they give
If I pretend something was my own idea I feel guilty and I dont wear guilty well

* I know that the 3 points above will more then likely become a blog post

* I know that letting go and letting Master J help me around the house
Is the best descion I've made in a long time

* I know that when I fall for someone even when I shouldn't, I fall hard
and it takes a little bit of time to pick up the pieces again and move on

* I know that its time to up the anty on my weight loss/ healthy eating
I seem to have plauted at a 4-5kg loss
Time to pick up another gym class and start some more exercise at home

* I know that if it wasn't for miss Em and Mr T I wouldnt have been able to blog today
they are both amazing!
yes thankyou Lil C for snapping my interent key
But yay for tethering from my iPhone
Is there anything that phone can't do?

* I know that my most favourite time of the day is checking on my babies before i go to bed, listening to them breathe & looking at how peaceful they are
yes i stole this from my own facebook status!

* I know that momments like that make all the bad/negative wash away
make my heart swell and bring tears to my eyes

Linking up with the lovely Shae from

What do you know this week?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just not this morning, we are going out!

My boys slept in today *high 5*
and when we finally all woke up I woke up feeling tired
which is pretty normal for me at the momment work seems to be taking alot of me
At the end of the days I am exhausted and just want to go to bed I have no time for anything else.

So as I lay in bed with the babes I checked facebook on my iPhone
as I normally do
and I ended up feeling
all I saw were the constant reminders of all the things I have to do and how little time I have
or my biggest problem how much motivation I'm lacking.

I decided then & there that I would get to everything I had to-do
Ither today, tonight, tomrrow, this week
Just not this morning

Alot happened in bloggy land last night and I missed it all
Now I feel out of the loop with no time to sit and catch up
It was bad enough I felt I had no time for blogging or even any worth while content
but now I feel completely lost, this was the straw that broke my overwhelmed back
I will catch up eventuall & share my bloggy love for all my favs ~ just not this morning

I will unpack my groceries from yesterday, (because seeing my friends was more important) ~ just not this morning

I will wash, hang & fold the clothes ~ just not this morning

I will finish my exrtemely patient friends wooden letters ~ just not this morning

I will finish my beautiful friends wipes case for her darling new neice ~ just not this morning

I will finish the preparation for the Little Monsters Market which is in a few weeks ~ just not this morning

I will load and put the dishwasher on (becaue a clean kitchen makes me extremely calm & happy) ~ just not this morning

I will really sit down & deal with the feelings and emotions I have for you ~ just not this morning

I will honour all my commitments, promises and everything in between ~ just not this morning

Because this morning I am packing my babes in the car with bikes & prams in tow
and going for a walk/ride down the beach to the playground
where we will have hot chippies for lunch,
enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine
Live in the momment

Its time for me to disconnect for a few hours and come back feeling refreshed because
It will all be here when I get back.

How do you handle feeling overwhelemed? do you disconnect like I do, Just keep on going or have a differnt way of handling things?

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A helping 3 year old hand

If you've followed me long enough you will remember I've had a little more trouble then usual 
with Master J
since his dad and I split up
It was never going to be easy but add his developmental delay to it and we were going to have to work extra hard to help him understand & control the emotions he would be feeling too.

As the weeks go by it seem we start to manage one problem and then another starts
behaviour, not eating, lashing out
The days were getting long and tiring and very emotional for both of us

But after speaking with his speech & behavioural therapists
Nathalie of Easy Peasy Kids
and some of my gorgeous friends
I am feeling alot clearer on how to handle his behaviour.

At the momment Master J is all about attention
He will sit for hours if I let him just constantly repeating "mum mum mum mum mum"
Apart from it driving me absolutly crazy! Its not productive for ither of us

The other thing that I have noticed is his increase in appetitie and thirst
All day and I'm not even kidding when I say ALL day
He is asking for food or a drink
I could make all the healthiest homemade food in the world & he would still be asking for more
This is a work in progress too!

So I have decided to involve him more in our every day mundane activities
Which, if you know me personally is HUGE for me
Its not that I dont want the help its just that I find it easier to do it myself.

But of course for the sake of my boy I have let go a little

I've already started letting him help with the preparation of dinner and snacks
This afternoon he helped me fill up all their drink bottles

I'm getting him to help me with Lil C at bath time
and packing nappy bags and bags for when we go out

So far in a few days with just these few simple tasks, things seem to be starting to get better
The more he helps the calmer and more responsive he is starting to become

Next on the to do list
Is letters from daddy as he loves to check the letterbox for "letters"
(idea from Easy Peasy Kids)
the countdown to when he sees his dad next, he's a real daddys boy
and happy and sad faces to help him understand mine & his own feelings
(idea was from Easy Peasy Kids)

We are still on that very long road ahead 
But I am feeling much more confident and Its helping me learn alot too
Its helping me to let go and live in the momment more

Which can only benefit all 3 of us in the end

I love my boys more then anything, and despite my own quirks and personality traits
I will do whatever it takes to help them
Mess and scraps in dinner included
Thats just what us mummys do!

What little tasks around the house do you let your kiddies help with?

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday & my new keeping organised system

This weeks meal plan is another easy one

Wednesday - warm chicken rolls for the boys
basil & chicken toasties for mummy

Thursday - porcupines & garlic bread

Friday - we have my little cousins 16th birthday party so lots of party food hehe

Saturday - tacos - hard & soft

Sunday - Just me
Out to dinner with a friend

Monday - Just me
homemade vegetarian pizza

Tuesday - Just me
warm chicken salad

Linking up with The Organised Housewife

The Organised Housewife

As I dont have the boys this weekend im hoping to get some baking and freezer filling done
In amongst preparation for a market & craft projects

A few weeks ago I ordered a gorgeous custom journal from this great little FB page called
Journal Addiction
I receieved it today sooooo exciting
I love stationary and I love being organised so this journal is exactly what I wanted
Michelle was amazing to work with and tweaked all the pages and design until I was completely happy

Needles to say I am over the moon with it

Front cover using my favourite colours, favourite flower and my love for butterflies

Budget page - to write each weeks budget in to allow for changes & extras each week

Meal plan page - starting with wednesday just as I do and extra space at the bottom for notes

Shopping list page - set out in coloumns and groups to make the shopping trip much easier and theres not excuse for missing anything in any of the departments

Last page is To-Do list - with check boxes so I can tick off things as I do them

I love how Michelle understood everything I wanted in my book
and made it really easy to communicate all the small details like the butterfly watermarks
and the shopping list page

Now my goal is to sit down every monday/tuesday and fill out my pages
and every night sit down with my to do list and add things for the next day.

If you're like me and an orgainsing freak fan having a journal full of things like this is like all my Christmas's have come at once ;)

Im off to write out my budget and start my to do list

What system do you have to organise your meal plan/shopping list & budget?

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oohh! That's! ~ The getting to know me edition

I had no idea what I was going to share with you today for

Ooh, that's!

So i decided to share some things about me
and use my
with a few things taken from

So here are a few pictures that are me all over



Love the hoodie and jeans combo the only thing I might do differnt is the boots
I'd probably slip on my flats or a pair of my Nikes


I love this whole look especialy the colour! and really want that coat!
maybe for Christmas?
I wonder if Santa checks Pinterest?

I never leave home without mine ;)

I am, I love

I'm a virgo and very much a Virgo

I'm a mummy too 2 beautiful little boys and that quote describes our life perfectly
but I wouldn't change it for the world
And I love my stretch marks from both of them

These are my favourite colours

I love Tinkerbell

This is just a snippet of me, I love organising, cooking & crafting too
so if you want to know more
You can follow me on Pinterest

What have you been pinning lately?

Linking up with Tina Gray {dot} Me

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A day out ~ across a bridge and up an Island

My Aunty & cousins from Melbourne has been visiting our family here for the past week
So I was excitied that they were heading to Victor Harbour yesterday before they left today
It was set to be a good day out of the house with family 
& to take the boys somewhere they havn't been yet

My other aunty gave me and hour to get me, the boys dressed and fed, bags packed and to fill the car up with petrol before they would meet at my house and we would road trip it down together
All I can say is
gee thanks mouse!
But I did it with a few mintues to spare

We wandered the streets a little grabbed some hot chippies for lunch had a play at an awesome park there

and decided to walk across to Granite Island

Master J had a ball walking across the bridge
Mummy was scared out of her wits every time he stopped to look over the edge into the water for the "fishies"
Trust me it was too cold for me to be jumping in after him ;)
I ended up telling him that the fishies were in bed asleep becuase it was too cold
Surprisingly that worked!

Once we got to the other side some of the big kids decided to do the full walk across the island
While me and my aunty mouse, my 2 boys and 1 big kid decided to haul arse UP the island to the other side
Master J at the top of the hill

Lil C enjoying being chauffer driven up the hill

My gosh I dont reccommend pushing a pram up that damn hill
But at least I worked off lunch!

Once we got to the other side it was gorgeous
Cold but the scene was beautiful

Master J climbed some rocks and explored nature oh and also just had to throw his 2 fist fulls of rocks into the ocean
checking out the view

watching J explore

throwing his rocks

We met the rest of the kids at the cafe and had a hot choccie and juice
and headed back to the "mainland"
Where we stopped at the little carnival they have set up there
I sent master J onto the bouncy castle with his Cousin and her friend
and he loved it!

We had a great day
lots of laughs and the boys were so well behaved
we even got some amazing photos on some pretty fancy cameras
which I cant wait to see and print out

The drive home was long but it was very quiet in the backseat
which was a nice change from the drive there
which was filled with chatter and blowing raspberries

It was refreshing to get myself and the munchkins out into the fresh air
and I am looking forward to finding more stuff to do with them
creating beautiful childhood memories with and for them

I've just gotta find more inspiration
I feel like I've found my mummy mojo again

I think tomorrow we might go have breakfast somewhere
Just us 3

What fun activities inside & out do you like to do with your kiddies?

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I Know About Bits & Pieces

This week I know...

* That before I opened my lappy to write this post last night I had a list of things I knew
as soon as I was ready to start typing they all disappeared :|

* I know that people get involved in things they shouldn't
especially when it invloves children
especially when they don't have the full story

* I know that recently I was put in a situation regarding the blog world that crossed paths with my personal life and that I was really worried about it
but that everything seems to be fine so far and that maturity seems to be winning
and for that I am extremely grateful
* I know that I am an emotional eater
not exactly a good thing

* I know that sometimes life really is all about 2 steps forward 3 steps back
But that you just need to learn to jump to gain all that ground back

* I know that Master J has changed again he's grown up that little bit more and it's really noticeable

* I know that Lil C is a funny little man who non stop chats away in his baby babble

* I know that having both talking well both almost talking is driving me crazy
especially when Im driving and they are chatting away in the back seat

* I know that my lawn still needs a mow and that it's 10x worse then last week

* I know that I applied for 2 TAFE courses this week
totally on a whim but eeek im excitied

* I know that I'm at the end of my list of things I know
and that I eventually remembered everything I wanted to write

What do you know this week?

Linking up with Shae from Yay For Home

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It never rains it pours

Today has been a torential down pour of crap
There is no other way of saying it.

I have had so many good days that it was inevitable that I would stumble across a pretty shitty day.

And thats ok
I am only human, my situation is nothing new
So Im allowed to have a shitty day
It allows me to wake up tomorrow full of sunshine, rainbows and lollipops.

This situation dosen't come with instructions or rules
It seems to come with alot of expectations from others
But the only expectation I had was we would be civil for the boys sake
and so would the people closest to us

It seems that half of that expectation was a little high
and let me tell you
lesson learnt!

Things are far from perfect between us
we are still arguing and bickering
and thats not what ither of us want
I feel like its just the natural progression of the situation
I just wish other people wouldn't get involved
It makes it worse

Thinking about it now the other expectation I had would be things would remain the same between
certain circles
and I have learnt the hard way that, that too was an expectation that was way too high
Although to me It's nothing I wouldn't have expected if it was someone else in the same situation
But I guess thats just me?

One of the biggest things I've learn't through out this spilt is

I am differnt

The way I have handled things seems to be left of centre for most
The way I think about what has happened is completely differnt to others
The way I see things is not how others see it
The things I know I need seem to be nothing like what other people think I need

I'm undecided on wether being differnt in this situation is a good thing or not
But at the end of the day
I have to ask myself
Do I really want to be, think or feel like everyone else?
Pretty sure Taylor swift is onto something here

Or is staying true to myself the best way to overcome this and come out stronger at the end?
So I guess the answer is pretty clear right?...
I am who I am take it or leave it
I can't and won't change
because there are people out there that really do Love me for me.

I may lose friends, I may lose respect, I may even lose family
But whatever happens, happens I cant change fate
All is not lost thought I will
Find new friends, gain a new found respect from others and become closer to other family

Life Isn't easy and you have to overcome hundreds of obstacles throughout
How you handle them and how you come out of them is what really matters

One day again soon
things will go back to normal I know thats true
Its just trying to wade through all the shit days and focus on the good that is draining
But as Katy Perry says in her song Firework

"If only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow"

My rainbow is coming...

*image from pinterest
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meal Planing Tuesday

This weeks meal plan has taken some inspirating from the lovely Larissa of
her meal plan just looks so yummy!

Wednesday - work Cumin Chicken with brown rice salad (recipe from My Pigeon Pair)
the boys will have whatever their dad cooks for them

Thursday - Kangtong lemongrass & chilli chicken stirfry with noodles

Friday - beef souvlaki wraps with salad (inspiration from My Pigeon Pair)

Saturday - gnocchi bake from 4 ingredients Kids Book

Sunday - roast vegetable & feta foccica for me &
ham & cheese quesallidas with roast vegies for the boys

Monday - work Morrocan Chicken Risotto
the boys will have whatever their dad cooks them

Tuesday - Chicken pie from the freezer and homemade chips

Linking up with The Organised Housewife

The Organised Housewife

Whats cooking in your house this week?
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