Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just not this morning, we are going out!

My boys slept in today *high 5*
and when we finally all woke up I woke up feeling tired
which is pretty normal for me at the momment work seems to be taking alot of me
At the end of the days I am exhausted and just want to go to bed I have no time for anything else.

So as I lay in bed with the babes I checked facebook on my iPhone
as I normally do
and I ended up feeling
all I saw were the constant reminders of all the things I have to do and how little time I have
or my biggest problem how much motivation I'm lacking.

I decided then & there that I would get to everything I had to-do
Ither today, tonight, tomrrow, this week
Just not this morning

Alot happened in bloggy land last night and I missed it all
Now I feel out of the loop with no time to sit and catch up
It was bad enough I felt I had no time for blogging or even any worth while content
but now I feel completely lost, this was the straw that broke my overwhelmed back
I will catch up eventuall & share my bloggy love for all my favs ~ just not this morning

I will unpack my groceries from yesterday, (because seeing my friends was more important) ~ just not this morning

I will wash, hang & fold the clothes ~ just not this morning

I will finish my exrtemely patient friends wooden letters ~ just not this morning

I will finish my beautiful friends wipes case for her darling new neice ~ just not this morning

I will finish the preparation for the Little Monsters Market which is in a few weeks ~ just not this morning

I will load and put the dishwasher on (becaue a clean kitchen makes me extremely calm & happy) ~ just not this morning

I will really sit down & deal with the feelings and emotions I have for you ~ just not this morning

I will honour all my commitments, promises and everything in between ~ just not this morning

Because this morning I am packing my babes in the car with bikes & prams in tow
and going for a walk/ride down the beach to the playground
where we will have hot chippies for lunch,
enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine
Live in the momment

Its time for me to disconnect for a few hours and come back feeling refreshed because
It will all be here when I get back.

How do you handle feeling overwhelemed? do you disconnect like I do, Just keep on going or have a differnt way of handling things?

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