Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A helping 3 year old hand

If you've followed me long enough you will remember I've had a little more trouble then usual 
with Master J
since his dad and I split up
It was never going to be easy but add his developmental delay to it and we were going to have to work extra hard to help him understand & control the emotions he would be feeling too.

As the weeks go by it seem we start to manage one problem and then another starts
behaviour, not eating, lashing out
The days were getting long and tiring and very emotional for both of us

But after speaking with his speech & behavioural therapists
Nathalie of Easy Peasy Kids
and some of my gorgeous friends
I am feeling alot clearer on how to handle his behaviour.

At the momment Master J is all about attention
He will sit for hours if I let him just constantly repeating "mum mum mum mum mum"
Apart from it driving me absolutly crazy! Its not productive for ither of us

The other thing that I have noticed is his increase in appetitie and thirst
All day and I'm not even kidding when I say ALL day
He is asking for food or a drink
I could make all the healthiest homemade food in the world & he would still be asking for more
This is a work in progress too!

So I have decided to involve him more in our every day mundane activities
Which, if you know me personally is HUGE for me
Its not that I dont want the help its just that I find it easier to do it myself.

But of course for the sake of my boy I have let go a little

I've already started letting him help with the preparation of dinner and snacks
This afternoon he helped me fill up all their drink bottles

I'm getting him to help me with Lil C at bath time
and packing nappy bags and bags for when we go out

So far in a few days with just these few simple tasks, things seem to be starting to get better
The more he helps the calmer and more responsive he is starting to become

Next on the to do list
Is letters from daddy as he loves to check the letterbox for "letters"
(idea from Easy Peasy Kids)
the countdown to when he sees his dad next, he's a real daddys boy
and happy and sad faces to help him understand mine & his own feelings
(idea was from Easy Peasy Kids)

We are still on that very long road ahead 
But I am feeling much more confident and Its helping me learn alot too
Its helping me to let go and live in the momment more

Which can only benefit all 3 of us in the end

I love my boys more then anything, and despite my own quirks and personality traits
I will do whatever it takes to help them
Mess and scraps in dinner included
Thats just what us mummys do!

What little tasks around the house do you let your kiddies help with?

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