Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I know

This week I know lots, it seems I know lots every week maybe a little too much...
But heres The Things I know anyways

*That disconnecting for almost a whole day yesterday was just what I needed
It was just what the boys needed too

this is where we eneded up

* I know that we are celebrating my baby cousins 16th birthday today
actual birthday is monday16? where the hell did those 16 years go I remember when she was a baby!

* I know being orginal is beautiful!

* I know that some people should try it! dont be scared
after some observations over the past few weeks Its become apparant there are a few handfuls of people trying to be something they're not
Just because someone else gets a good response to something dosent mean you will
just because one person says something dosent mean you have to pretend you already had that idea

* I also know that pay credit where credit is due!
I am a huge believer in giving people the credit for inspiration or ideas they give
If I pretend something was my own idea I feel guilty and I dont wear guilty well

* I know that the 3 points above will more then likely become a blog post

* I know that letting go and letting Master J help me around the house
Is the best descion I've made in a long time

* I know that when I fall for someone even when I shouldn't, I fall hard
and it takes a little bit of time to pick up the pieces again and move on

* I know that its time to up the anty on my weight loss/ healthy eating
I seem to have plauted at a 4-5kg loss
Time to pick up another gym class and start some more exercise at home

* I know that if it wasn't for miss Em and Mr T I wouldnt have been able to blog today
they are both amazing!
yes thankyou Lil C for snapping my interent key
But yay for tethering from my iPhone
Is there anything that phone can't do?

* I know that my most favourite time of the day is checking on my babies before i go to bed, listening to them breathe & looking at how peaceful they are
yes i stole this from my own facebook status!

* I know that momments like that make all the bad/negative wash away
make my heart swell and bring tears to my eyes

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What do you know this week?

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