Saturday, October 8, 2011

A day out ~ across a bridge and up an Island

My Aunty & cousins from Melbourne has been visiting our family here for the past week
So I was excitied that they were heading to Victor Harbour yesterday before they left today
It was set to be a good day out of the house with family 
& to take the boys somewhere they havn't been yet

My other aunty gave me and hour to get me, the boys dressed and fed, bags packed and to fill the car up with petrol before they would meet at my house and we would road trip it down together
All I can say is
gee thanks mouse!
But I did it with a few mintues to spare

We wandered the streets a little grabbed some hot chippies for lunch had a play at an awesome park there

and decided to walk across to Granite Island

Master J had a ball walking across the bridge
Mummy was scared out of her wits every time he stopped to look over the edge into the water for the "fishies"
Trust me it was too cold for me to be jumping in after him ;)
I ended up telling him that the fishies were in bed asleep becuase it was too cold
Surprisingly that worked!

Once we got to the other side some of the big kids decided to do the full walk across the island
While me and my aunty mouse, my 2 boys and 1 big kid decided to haul arse UP the island to the other side
Master J at the top of the hill

Lil C enjoying being chauffer driven up the hill

My gosh I dont reccommend pushing a pram up that damn hill
But at least I worked off lunch!

Once we got to the other side it was gorgeous
Cold but the scene was beautiful

Master J climbed some rocks and explored nature oh and also just had to throw his 2 fist fulls of rocks into the ocean
checking out the view

watching J explore

throwing his rocks

We met the rest of the kids at the cafe and had a hot choccie and juice
and headed back to the "mainland"
Where we stopped at the little carnival they have set up there
I sent master J onto the bouncy castle with his Cousin and her friend
and he loved it!

We had a great day
lots of laughs and the boys were so well behaved
we even got some amazing photos on some pretty fancy cameras
which I cant wait to see and print out

The drive home was long but it was very quiet in the backseat
which was a nice change from the drive there
which was filled with chatter and blowing raspberries

It was refreshing to get myself and the munchkins out into the fresh air
and I am looking forward to finding more stuff to do with them
creating beautiful childhood memories with and for them

I've just gotta find more inspiration
I feel like I've found my mummy mojo again

I think tomorrow we might go have breakfast somewhere
Just us 3

What fun activities inside & out do you like to do with your kiddies?

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