Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teeth are the devils work

I am sitting here in a trashed lounge room with the Timone & Pumba DVD main menu going around and around.

Master J is next door with our neighbour about to go to the park at the end of our street.

Lil C has just left with his dad.

You would think all is right in the world. But alas it is not so.
Behind the scenes, behind closed doors I have been battling... Teeth. Lil Cs to be precise.

Basically I have spent the better half of today trying to calm Lil C and get him to sleep. Which is why master J is next door, he was too loud and distracting C.
Not to mention I am still trying to recover from tuesday night where I had a grand total of 3 hours sleep after Lil C was awake for 5hrs just wanting to be held.
That was a very very long night.

I have a lounge room to tidy, washing to hang, dishwasher to stack, study to do, groceries to buy and a special mother son dinner for myself and Master J to cook.
Do you think its all going to happen before bed time tonight?
Nope! I can tell you right now it's not and surprisingly I am perfectly ok with that! (thats huge for me! I'm a little bit proud of myself FYI)

I will tidy the lounge and hang the washing I will cook my boy dinner and will do some study.
But that's it the rest can wait until tomorrow!

I dont like leaving a messy house I love it to be tidy I have HUGE trouble just letting things go but right now myself and my boys need to come first and if that means letting things go until tomorrow then, well thats what we'll do.

I wish with all my heart I could take my baby boys pain away or that I could hold him all day like he needs. As a mumma its heartbreaking to see him cry in so much pain.
He has been such a good teether up until the past week so I hope it passes quickly and I get my smiley, sleep through the night little owlet back.

In saying that as much as I have loved all tge extra cuddles and they really have been beautiful, I am just a complete emotional, drained mummy at he momment who is feeling completely out of control.

Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner, once I've tidied the lounge room of course!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Lately iPhone 4 styles

Oh life why must you be so busy!
Blog post coming about that soon.. maybe!

So here is my Life Lately post linking up with Ms Louisa Claire

I studied... with a helper ;)

we had a lovely time at Victor Harbour on Adelaide Cup day

Where I got sun stroke (naughty mummy) and spent most of the next day on the couch feeling rather ill

I had work the day after that all day and had to drive home in THIS!
torrential rain, flooded roads, thunder AND lightning
I NEVER want to do that again!

Then we rugged up for an early drop off at Nannys so mumma could go to work... again

There was beef and lentil tacos for mother, son dinner

and banana pikelets for saturday morning breakfast

Life has all of a sudden just exploded with busyness
and I am exhausted but we are getting there slowly and still having lots of fun on the way!
How has life been for you lately?
Why not link up too :)

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life Lately ~ iPhone 4 styles

Yayyyyy Miss Louisa Claire created a linky for her posts
"Life Lately"
Love how peer pressure is the winner of the day hehehe ;)

So here is a sneek peek into our lives this week!

After a few hiccups, I was finally able to enrol in 3 subjects for my TAFE course.

We enjoyed glorious Autumn weather

I got squishy mummy kisses from Lil C

and big boy kisses from Master J

There was park fun at 5pm

and boys being boys

and not forgetting, chocolate ice cream

more outside fun in the sun and picnic lunches

and a date with Master J at an engagement party

What a fun but busy week we've had!
Definatly loving this Autumn sunshine and kisses with my boys.
Looking forward to next week and all its blissful momments.

Whats been happeing in your "Life Lately?"

And don't forget to LINK UP! if you post about it ;)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ My 1st time!

I thought I might link up for Wordless Wednesday with
for the 1st time!
I love a good linky ;)
*cough cough miss Louisa Claire*

I have been doing Project 365 this year and I am loving looking back on all the pictures.
its great to see what we have been up to this year so far.
So I thought I would share our January & February with you.

January 1st - 20th

January 21st - 31st

February 1st - 16th

February 17th - 29th

We have had a great 2 months of 2012 so far!

I upload alll my project 365 pictures to instagram
my usernamme is ~ mummiitara
feel free to follow me!

and thankyou to the gorgeous Lisa from Life As We Know It for the inspiration of using these pictures.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Life Lately ~ iPhone 4 styles

The gorgeous Louisa Claire does these cute little blog posts called
"Life Lately"
Which is a series of photos from the week just gone.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea so thought I would join in this week too and give you all a sneek peek into our little lives, captured on my iPhone 4 and edited using picstitch and instagram.

There was...


Spaghetti sauce faces...

pancakes for breakfast...

special momments...

brotherly love...

speech therapy sessions...

Veggie Smugglers cook books in the mail...

Project Life tittle page finished...

mummy & son time

How was your week?

P.s I'm trying to convince the lovely Louisa to make this a linky!
BUUUUT She'll only do it if people would link up!
Sooooo would you?

P.p.s I installed IntenseDebate comment system are you loving it? I am because now I can interact personally with all my gorgeous followers who comment ;)
fingers crossed there is no problems!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

52 weeks to simplify your life ~ complete catch up & my happiness list

I've been super slack with blogging life just happened.
Which means I'm quite behind in the 52 weeks to simplify your life challenges.
So here I am ready to catch up... fingers crossed.

Week 6
Is all about Goal Settings & Priorities which luckily for me I had already written a post earlier this year
So that one is done ;)

Week 7
Is all about Vision boards
I love the concept of vision boards and I can no wait to create mine
I already have my canvas stuck on the wall above my desk

just to the left there!
I just have to find the time to give it some life!
I'm adding it to my to-do list Deb I promise ;)

Week 8
Is all about Happiness Defined
Defining happiness for me is not going to be as challenging as some of the first few weeks
but Its going to take some thinking.
Deb suggested making a list so here it goes.


*the smell of rain coming
*the laugh of my children
*deorating my home
*taking photos & displaying those photos
*hot chocolates
*party planning & decorating
*open windows with a breeze & sunshine coming through
*the tinkle of my wind chime
*lazy mornings
*going to the park
*hot chippies for lunch
*the beach
*connecting with friend & family
*blankets in winter
*craft & creating
*project life & scrapbooking
*eating outside on a warm night
*dinner with friends
*text messages to my friends
*the noise of a magpie
*twinkling stars
*fresh flowers on my table

I think I could go on forever and those 3 little asteriks represent the fact this list will never have an ending.
There are so many small things make my happy and since I've become a solo mumma with a new partner I've really been able to find so much more that makes me happy.
The other part of this challenge was to try and do or enjoy one of these things on our list every day!
Surprisngly I've done this without even realising so there's no going back now!


I am just about caught up now with only week 9 to go which I think I will re-read and do a seperate post so I can start a fresh and link up later this week and not make this post any longer!

I have loved catching up especially writing my happiness list definatly my favourite challenge so far I think the vision board will be my other favourite!

As a plus I know I need to get on to my vision board which no doubt I will post once its started and week 9s challenge so I'm feeling motivated!

Have you been linking up or carrying out the challenges in private? How are you finding it?
Have you had a favourite challenge yet?

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest ~ The Homly craftyness edition.

I am back on board with
Tina Gray {dot} Me

with all the talk about Pinterest and copy right issues
Tina has some new guidelines
hopefully I do this post the right way!

This week I'm going to share some cute little crafty ideas you could make or buy to add some loveliness to your home
All will be linked back to the "creator"

tutorial on how to make these here

available on etsy here

tutorial on how to make this here
available to buy here

original pillow inspiration available to buy here
DIY tutorial from Wit & Whistle here
Ok there we go fingers crossed I have done this right to avoid any complications!
Now to fnd time to go through all my boards and delete all the "naughty" pictures ;)

What have you been pinning lately? and dont forget to link with Ms Tina

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Birthday party circuit ~ It's cut throat!

It's no secret I lost friends over the split and that's cool
It gave me perspective and energy to nurture the friendships I still have.
What I didn't realise, was that to some I would still be classed as a "friend" but only very rarely...
A fb comment or like here a text message there.
The thing that hurts is the physical friendship was lost.
The catch ups and most recently the birthday parties.

My boys were not invited to a few parties and even with no explanation (which would have been nice)
I understand why
you know the whole mutual friend thing who I am no longer friends with etc etc
Well I can only hope that's what the reason was... maybe they just don't like me or my boys anymore?
But all I can think is did these people think that low of that they thought I could'nt co-exist in the same breathing space as another?

I'm not upset that I was forgotten but more so my boys
They are being punished for something that has absolutly nothing to do with them
And we all know what a mother is like when her children are hurt wether they know they've been hurt or not.
All I want for my kids is to be included I don't want them to go through the same pain I have
I don't want them to feel that they aren't good enough.
With master J already being vastly differnt to alot of other kids I am already on an uphill battle,
I thought we had maybe found a place where he was understood and would be accepted always regardless of any indifferences.
Turns out we weren't.

I completely understand when my boys reach school age they won't be invited to every party
Gosh I wouldn't want that anyway
But when you think you are apart of a group where your kids are included and their kids are included regardless of who you do and don't get along with
It is quite an eye opener when they show how they really must feel.
Sadly it all seems to be behind my back.
Yes they are still being nice to my face or should I say my FB profile and my iPhone.

They may or may not read this I'm not too fussed
The only thing I want to say if they do read this is I am not bitching I am not seeing red angry
I am venting.
I am hurt.
Because my boys were hurt
Yeah ok they won't ever know as they are too young
but I know and I won't ever forget the pain that I feel for them.
And maybe I should have said something to them personally... but why? when clearly there is nothing left in these friendships to salvage.

Luckily for my special little man J he has made some little friends at daycare and kindy as well as some of my other friends and his 4th birthday will be a small but fun party for him regardless of others.

As for Lil C?
well his 2nd birthday will be a much smaller affair but thats ok we'll make it extra special.
Who knew the birthday party circuit could be so nasty!

Have you ever experienced something like this? How would you handle this? or How did you handle it?

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