Monday, March 5, 2012

52 weeks to simplify your life ~ complete catch up & my happiness list

I've been super slack with blogging life just happened.
Which means I'm quite behind in the 52 weeks to simplify your life challenges.
So here I am ready to catch up... fingers crossed.

Week 6
Is all about Goal Settings & Priorities which luckily for me I had already written a post earlier this year
So that one is done ;)

Week 7
Is all about Vision boards
I love the concept of vision boards and I can no wait to create mine
I already have my canvas stuck on the wall above my desk

just to the left there!
I just have to find the time to give it some life!
I'm adding it to my to-do list Deb I promise ;)

Week 8
Is all about Happiness Defined
Defining happiness for me is not going to be as challenging as some of the first few weeks
but Its going to take some thinking.
Deb suggested making a list so here it goes.


*the smell of rain coming
*the laugh of my children
*deorating my home
*taking photos & displaying those photos
*hot chocolates
*party planning & decorating
*open windows with a breeze & sunshine coming through
*the tinkle of my wind chime
*lazy mornings
*going to the park
*hot chippies for lunch
*the beach
*connecting with friend & family
*blankets in winter
*craft & creating
*project life & scrapbooking
*eating outside on a warm night
*dinner with friends
*text messages to my friends
*the noise of a magpie
*twinkling stars
*fresh flowers on my table

I think I could go on forever and those 3 little asteriks represent the fact this list will never have an ending.
There are so many small things make my happy and since I've become a solo mumma with a new partner I've really been able to find so much more that makes me happy.
The other part of this challenge was to try and do or enjoy one of these things on our list every day!
Surprisngly I've done this without even realising so there's no going back now!


I am just about caught up now with only week 9 to go which I think I will re-read and do a seperate post so I can start a fresh and link up later this week and not make this post any longer!

I have loved catching up especially writing my happiness list definatly my favourite challenge so far I think the vision board will be my other favourite!

As a plus I know I need to get on to my vision board which no doubt I will post once its started and week 9s challenge so I'm feeling motivated!

Have you been linking up or carrying out the challenges in private? How are you finding it?
Have you had a favourite challenge yet?

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