Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teeth are the devils work

I am sitting here in a trashed lounge room with the Timone & Pumba DVD main menu going around and around.

Master J is next door with our neighbour about to go to the park at the end of our street.

Lil C has just left with his dad.

You would think all is right in the world. But alas it is not so.
Behind the scenes, behind closed doors I have been battling... Teeth. Lil Cs to be precise.

Basically I have spent the better half of today trying to calm Lil C and get him to sleep. Which is why master J is next door, he was too loud and distracting C.
Not to mention I am still trying to recover from tuesday night where I had a grand total of 3 hours sleep after Lil C was awake for 5hrs just wanting to be held.
That was a very very long night.

I have a lounge room to tidy, washing to hang, dishwasher to stack, study to do, groceries to buy and a special mother son dinner for myself and Master J to cook.
Do you think its all going to happen before bed time tonight?
Nope! I can tell you right now it's not and surprisingly I am perfectly ok with that! (thats huge for me! I'm a little bit proud of myself FYI)

I will tidy the lounge and hang the washing I will cook my boy dinner and will do some study.
But that's it the rest can wait until tomorrow!

I dont like leaving a messy house I love it to be tidy I have HUGE trouble just letting things go but right now myself and my boys need to come first and if that means letting things go until tomorrow then, well thats what we'll do.

I wish with all my heart I could take my baby boys pain away or that I could hold him all day like he needs. As a mumma its heartbreaking to see him cry in so much pain.
He has been such a good teether up until the past week so I hope it passes quickly and I get my smiley, sleep through the night little owlet back.

In saying that as much as I have loved all tge extra cuddles and they really have been beautiful, I am just a complete emotional, drained mummy at he momment who is feeling completely out of control.

Now excuse me while I go cry in a corner, once I've tidied the lounge room of course!