Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Winter sunshine

Even though Autumn is blessing most of the country with some amazingly summery weather, winter isn't all that far away.

I wrote a post last year or maybe it was the year before where I discovered why my mood matched the winter skys.
Funnily enough all it took to lift my mood, was some natural light.

I've been thinking about this winter and how I don't want to slip into the grey and gloomy feel of the cold months.
These are the things I'm going to do to help make my winter a bit more summery.

* Open my blinds on the outside of the house.
I have my blinds down throughout summer to help keep the house cool and for a bit of security so opening them up and allowing some natural light in works wonders.
During the day I will lift them up and then of a night time will pull them down again, just because I'm a scaredy cat ;)

* Open my curtains, flick my lamp on and turn the heater on.
Ok so this isn't exactly energy efficiant and does nothing for the environment but there's just something about seeing the dark and gloomy skys and seeing the rain through your window whilst curled up under the heater.
I think this will just be a sometimes thing!

* Curl up on the couch with a blanket.
I love sitting on our couch with my babies, each with our own blankies and watching a few DVDs or some cartoons. It makes for lovely family memories and cosy winter days.

* Wear super cute Pjs and socks and have a home day.
I love me some Pjs they are so comfy and funky! Nothing better then having a shower in the morning only to slip back into some warm Pjs and cute patterned socks knowing that you have no where to be and no-one to see. And to make it extra lazy, I chuck my slow cooker on so there's nothing to do all day but be in the momment with my boys and smell the amazing aromas of our dinner.

* Drink hot chocolate with marshmellows.
Mmmm yummy! Nothing warms me up more then a delicious hot chocolate topped with 3 marshmellows, under a blanket and even better my boys are loving them now too! So this winter it will be hot choccies all round!

* Cook stews, casseroles and family roasts.
My slow cooker is going to get a work out this winter. I love my casseroles and they are one of my favourite comfort foods. Roasts on a Sunday have become apart of our family traditions even if it's just roast vegies on the side and I will be continuing that to help warm our bellies.

* Make homemade desserts.
I havn't made too many desserts so I think this winter its time to create some lovely sweets to become apart of our family favourites and who dosen't love a hot apple pie after a yummy Sunday roast?!

* Bake cookies, bake anything!
My Master J has fallen in love with baking and even cooking! Which makes me so so happy. I am beyond excitied that my love for cooking has rubbed off on him. So this winter when it's raining and he's climbing the walls, we will get our hands dirty in some yummy goodness and bake & cook our little hearts out.

* Buy yellow flowers.
There's something about he colour yellow that just screams happiness.
My man brought me some lovely yellow Gerbras for Easter and they just lit up my dining room & kitchen area. So fingers crossed as winter comes into season there is some gorgeous yellow flowers around too.

Typing out this list makes me so excitied for the winter months. I hope to have cosy yummy winter creating new memories and traditions that will one day they will carry on into their families.

What about you? Do you have any special things you do when the weather is gloomy and you aren't feeling very sunshiney? Maybe a favourite comfort meal? Or a familiy tradition?