Sunday, April 22, 2012

The memories of the family table

We are moving at the end of this year, we've out grown this house.
The boys need a bigger & better shaped backyard, I am desperate for a clean, free of spiders & undercover entertaining area.
I long for a bigger more functional kitchen and a bigger dining room and a bigger table.

As the boys have gotten bigger & older they have loved being outside.
Which excities me!
I want to be outside too, I want to watch them playing while I read a book or do some study.
I want to spend warm summer nights outside eating dinner or entertaining guests with a nice area full of candles & fairy lights.
At the momment its a little hard but we make it work... on occasion.

When our little family become just the boys and I, I made a decision to eat dinner at the table everynight and I'm happy to say we are still doing this! Master J even asks to eat at the "big table" which makes me happy ;)
But our area is small as is our table not to mention the chairs are uncomfortable.

Loving their Tacos at the table

When we find a new home one of my top priorities is to buy a new dining room table, something bigger, something with more seats.

See I have dreams & plans in my head of family meals, not just me & the boys but extended family, friends my new loves family & friends.
I want to create more memories around our family table.

Dont get me wrong we have memories around our current table like Lil C mastering the spoon & fork, the boys trying new foods, spaghetti sauce mess, Master J eating "green trees" (brocoli) and snakes (green beans) for the first time not hidden, we've laughed and cried but I think our memories are starting to get too big for our little table as we grow and become a bigger family.

I love the joy I feel when I've cooked a meal for my family and I love the joy it brings to the people around me and I want to share this more, I want a room full of happiness, good food and memories.

Family memories are so important to me hopefully one day the boys will talk about their family dinners around the table just like I talk about the weekend webbers my dad used to cook when I was little.

My biggest dream is to be able to host Christmas day and in 7 months time I hope to finally live out my dream, in our new house, in our bigger space with our new bigger family table...
Cross your fingers it will happen!

Christmas lunch for 4 on our little table last year

Do you eat around the table? Do you make a special time every week or just try and do it when everyone is home?