Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recipe Book - Chicken Pie

This recipe was first made by the book from The Masterchef Magazine
The Maggie Beer Chicken Pie recipe
BUT it took too long so i changed it soooo much that i would like to consider it my own with a sprinking of Maggie Magic

*please note i do make this quite rough so im not 100% sure on all measurements

Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie
a new family favourite in our house even my 2 n a half yo eats it


4 sheets of puff pastry (i just use Coles brand)
2 Chicken Breast
6 Mushrooms
1 single leek
Oil (i use rice bran oil)
Rosemary (fresh or dried is fine)
Plain Flour
1 cup of Chicken Stock
1 Egg beaten mixed with a little milk (for glazing the top)


Slice mushroom and leek and dice chicken
Use a little bit of oil to cook the chicken pieces until cooked through
Remove from pan and into a bowl to cool
Add a dollop of margarine/butter and the rosemary saute until fragrant
Add a little bit more oil and add leek once thats softened add mushrooms
(mushrooms will suck alot of the butter and margarine so you can add more until they are brown)

Once that is all sauted and soft add a tablespoon of plain flour and cook the flour out until its thick.
Start adding your chicken stock slowly and letting it eveporate until its thick
you will more then likely not use it all
Once thickend take mixture off the head and stir in a dollop of sourcream and mix through
Add to your chicken and allow to cool

meanwhile prepare your pie dish
coat the bottom in oil or margarine/butter (i use the spray oil)
lay down one sheet of puff pastry and then other one the oppostie way
(hope thats not too confusing)

Once mixture is cooled place into pastry lined pie dish and spread evenly over bottom of dish
Place 3rd piece of pastry on top and then 4th on top of that making sure the whol top surface is covered in pastry.
Trim the excess pastry off with a knife
Slice a slit into the top of the pie so the steam can come out
and then glaze in egg and milk mix

We cook our pie in an electric oven on 200o until pastry is golden brown

Slice and enjoy

This also works just aswell as small individual pies.

I will try and take photos next time i make this to help a little more
and if you have any questions dont hesitate to comment

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Project Life

Has been thinking, dangerous? Yes haha

No no i have joined a page on FB Becky Higgins 
Who is the master mind behind a truly wonderful idea Project Life

Project Life is a scrap book you put together of your year! So a year full of wonderful memories
I would LOVE to do it but just dont have the money at about $99 its a bit expensive right now
Becky includes everything you need and gives you ideas on what to take photos of
Which is POTD or Photo Of The Day.

So i thought this would be a great blog idea
I would take one of her suggestions every week and post my pic on here with a little blurb about it

Its not going to be about everyone doing it although you are all more then welcome to
I Just thought it would be a really fun post with some really differnt photos.

So stay tuned and il try and do my first one at some stage today

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie...


Today... January 26th... Austarlia Day.

A day where we celebrate in true Aussie Style the amazing country we live in.
Where we honour (in our own special way) our diverse society and landscape, our achievements and our future, our freedom, our relaxed nature, our sense of humour and our language (it really is like none other), the sport, the beaches, thongs, beer, cars the list goes on and on.

So this Australia day remember we truly ARE the lucky country, dont take our freedom for granted and remember if it wasnt for our past we wouldnt have a our future.

Happy Australia Day Mate!

How are you celebrating today if at all?

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday

This weeks meal plan...

Wednesday - Wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
Thursday -  Baked potoatos
Friday - Indian - tikka masala with naan bread
Saturday - Enchiladas
Sunday - Chicken Pie
Monday - Ravioli Bolognese with gralic bread
Tuesday - Homeamde party pies

Il post the chicken pie recipe in the next few days
enjoy all your dinners this week

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Balancing Act

Im sure this post has been done to death but im having a Mum-ment! and need to vent

Over the past few weeks ive really been feeling the "perfect" pressure!
you kow that feeling where you have to have everythig prefect for your family?
or am i the only one?

Anywho im a SAHM and luuurve it, ive discovered its where im meant to be no matter how tough money gets time with my boys is worth more then anything.

along with the SAHM comes the "stigma" of SAHWife
which means home cooked meals, clean hosue, washing done, dishes done etc etc
Thats cool i can do that fo sure! somedays i even enjoy doing that
but lately it seems to have gotten on top of me.

Im feeling the pressure of having all of that plus more done everyday!
But theres not enough hours in the day for all of that and to raise 2 beautiful boys, to get my craft on, my blog on gees even my fb on (sad really i know)
Yes i know Fb, Blogging, Craft arent as important as spending time with my babies or running a household but as many SAHM know you need an outlet a window to the outside world pretty muchs so you dont get cabin fever right?

So it got me down and stressing out (as you do) about where i find me time
yes i said it MUMMY time because as much as i dedicate myself to my partner, children and house and chose this path mummy does need time too!!
"A happy mummy is a happy baby"
i fully 100% believe in this statement!
I think most mothers work better when they can get some down time some them time..

How do i find that balance? Why cant i just forget about the house work for just one day? Why does the house have to be clean and tidy every day (for me i know its because im a virgo but still grrr)
Why do i put so much pressure on myself? Why do we all put so much pressure on ourselves
Afterall we are only human right?

Is it because of the expectations from the media and society that if you're a SAHM you have to have the perfect life the perfect house, the perfect children, the perfect life?
That your a "bad mum" if you dont have it in the bag, balanced and under control?

So id love to know what your thoughts are? Do you feel the pressure somedays?
How do you balance your days?

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recipe Book - Easy Banana Cake/Muffins

Seeing as im all bout mummying i thought i would throw some of tried, tested and well loved recipes into my Blog
why not hey?

Easy Banana Cake
this is a cake recipe but it works just aswell as muffins and is perfect for those brown banans you have in the bottom of your fridge yum!


1 1/2 cups of Self Raising flour
4oz (125gms or 1/2 cup) of butter (i use margarine)
4oz (125gms or 1/2 cup) of castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence
2 egss beaten
3 very ripe bananas mashed
1 teaspoon of bi carb soad (i dont add this 90% of the time)
2 tablespoons of milk
(mix bicarb and milk together)


Pre-heat oven to 180o (gas) and grease cake pan or muffin tin

In a large mixing bowl cream butter, vanilla and sugar
add eggs (beaten) and mix well
add already mashed bananas and mix well
alternate between flour and milk mixture until all gone and mix until all combined

(master J mixing)

Pour into already prepared tin and bake in oven for 50 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean
turn out onto cooling rack or eat nice and warm with a smidge of butter or maragarine


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday

This weeks meal plan

Wednesday - Stirfy and noodles
Thursday - Homemade Pizza and muffin pizza for Master J
Friday - Morroccan Chicken Rissoto (inspired by Sinna)
Saturday - Meatballs and pasta
Sunday - Roast beef with roast vegies
Monday - Hot Chicken Rolls (chicken mixed with sour cream and mayo)
Tuesday - mummy - Chicken Rics-a-Riso daddy n master J - sausages and pasta salad

Snacks - if i have time this week it will be banana muffins
theres some nice brown bananas in the bottom of my fridge ;)

Just remember if theres a recipe you want im happy to type it up

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The Beginning of Number 2 Blue

Before i stupidly deleted all my old Blog posts gaaahhhhh
I had written one post that will always be my favourite
This post had recieved the most comments and it was one i read over and over again
Luckily i wasnt silly enough to delete that one beofre saving it! YEW!
So im going to share this post before i follow on from it with Lil C's birth story
(i apologise in advance for how long it is lol)

Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path... this is what I must do, this is what I've got to have. This is who I am." - James Hillman

I am the mother of one handsome little 18 month old, until about 2 weeks ago i was a single mother and quite content in the fact that it was me and my Master J agasint the world, "just the two of us"
I was starting to really enjoy all the mummy son time we had, knowing that i was all he had, his one constant in his life and that he was all i needed.

His father and I were on pretty good terms most of the time and he saw Josh for a few days a week just like we had organised...
looking back now maybe we were getting along a little toooo well lol.

Stuart and I had been together for 6 years, produced an amazing little man, were engaged and were looking to the future of moving house and trying for another baby.
One day that was all thrown away in one massive fight, which resulted in us seperating. We both felt it was the right thing to ensure Joshua was no longer exposed to the fights and tears, and honselty it worked perfectly.
(Stuart and i have since gotten back together and are a very happy family of 4)
We were both getting along, we were happy and i was actually starting to miss him.
I envied all the friends i knew who had parntners and was thinking we should get back together.
Im glad we didnt straight away.

If it wasnt for some wise words from my gorgeous mummy friend Miss L (who probably dosent even realise she'd helped) i would have more then likely gotten back with Stuart ages ago. But Miss L was the one that showed me you could be happy on your own and embrace all the extra time you got with your baby!

So time has passed Stuart and I are still not going too bad, dont get me wrong we certainly had our momments as my bestie well knows as she copped all my teary angry phone calls (love you) but it was bearable.
There had been some talk about getting back together which i was happy to talk about, after 6 years its hard to not still love someone but i had told him we needed more time and that it wasnt going to happen right now.

There is alot more i could say but i dont want to bore you all too much.
However the "fun" begins when stuart and i are alone and in a momment of weakness sleep together.

I didnt think anything of it i cant say i was impress4ed with myself it just made things wayyyy more complicated but we moved past it and continued on our way until....
4days after christmas!
Aunt flow hadn't made her apperance yet i didnt panic straight away as she had been a week late last month so i put it to the back of my mind and enjoyed our long weekend.

Tuesday rolls around and Aunty flow is still a no show. Something in me started to worry sooo i thought wow i couldnt be pregnant surely.. nah its probably just my body being spaz again.. hmm how wrong i was

I messaged my bestie Miss K asking if she had any spare pregnancy tests hahaha as she had found out she was pregnant a week or so earlier.
She tried to comfort me saying not to stress until i'd done the test and that i probably wasnt because of being late last month. I wasnt convinced lol.

So off i went to the shops to buy a test and do a few odds and ends.

I come home with the test buning a hole in my bag.
I did the lunch thing with josh popped him to bed for his nap and what do you know i need to pee.
I leave the test in the bathroom and go into the kitchen, i have no recollection what for anymore i pot around in there and the lounge until its time to check the test.

The momment of truth!!

and there it is two lines OOOOOHHHHH.... MMMMMMM...GGEEEEEEE
what have i done! how could this happen! and then its allllll tears
i ring Miss K balling "fuck fuck fuck" she tells me its ok and that she'll call me back when she gets home.
while i wait i ring my mum. She is stunned and calms me and tells me options, to cut it short her advice was to terminate and honestly at that time i agreed it seemed like the best option
i didnt want to get back with stuart just because i was pregnant.

Miss K rang and we talked, we talked options she told me what she thought she was there for me like she always has been.
I tell stuart and hes happy surprise surprise lol

Next was a phone call to the doctors

The next week and a half was a roller coster of emotions, talking and pros and cons, doctors and appointments and confusion.
Everyday i changed my mind about keeping the baby.
In all truthfullness by the time my blood test results had come back and i was told it was positve i had decided to teminate!

Then the day after that phone call it was like something in me and been switched on there was no way i could terminate this baby i just could not go through what i call 'hell' again
I had decided.. i was having another baby!

Miss K was exstatic we were prgnant together just as we had planned 6 months ago when stuart and i were actually togehter.
Stuart was wonderfully supportive for ither decision i made and was overjoyed when i told him id decided to keep our baby.

So there it was Master J was going to be a big brother!!

The next step was telling the families.
Stuarts were all shocked which i understand but i beleive supportive.
My family well thats were my title comes into play
The day i told my aunty and nana was a day i wish i could've skipped the first words out of my auntys mouth were "I KNEW IT" "you all owe me money" "i knew you'd get pregant after nana told me that Miss K was pregnant"
Her other words about me considering terminatiing were alot harsher which just stung even more.
All i wanted was there support

I was shocked, hurt and confused.
How could she think that i had planned this i was sitting at her table almost in tears, i had been through a week and a half of hell deciding what to do. Why would i consider termination if it was a planned baby??
My nana was happy she was getting to see her 2nd great grandchild ( i think shes got it in her head shes dieing in the next few years gosh only knows why)

I left her house that day hurt more then she will ever know, my mum is leaving for america this year to live and my aunty is the next closest thing i have to a mother and here she is thinking i got pregnant on a whim, that i got pregnant because Miss K was.
Why did she act like i thought keeping this baby was an easy decison?, that a baby was just a toy? having one already i clearly know its not!! that i am not independent enough to make my own life choices without doing somehting because someone else has.?
So why would i fall pregnant to my ex consider teminating all becaused id planned it
I just dont get it.

Which has brought me to my decison of not going out of my way to contact them.
I need support from them not criticism and at the end of the day it is their loss. I am having this baby with our without their support and they are more then welcome to be apart of his/hers life but they will need to cut the crap and remember that this is a human life not whimsical decison.

Not only was this a hard decison but one i DON'T regret.

Someone very close to my heart got hurt by this and i hope they know how sorry i am, but i also hope they understand why i've decided to keep this precious baby. Funnily enough i know i have their support more then my own families which means the world to me.

As its turned out im loving life right now.

Stuart and i are working things out he will be moving home soon and we will start our lives as a family of almsot 4.

My best friend and i are about to go on an amazing journey TOGETHER not becacuse we planned too but because my life took a differnt path and i wouldnt want to go through it with anyone else.

Master J is going to become a big brother and i think hes going to be perfect.

And mummy well im about to get fat, get cravings, feel kicks and fall more and more in love with this blessing each and everyday.

This baby chose us as its parents for a reason and i can not wait to find out why.
Although its life started off full of unncertantity it is now filled with love and want.
Never will i be unceratin about this baby again it will always be loved!

Lifes paths twist and turn and change direction this is merely one of those, a very special "bump" (pun intended) in the road, one that i am grasping with both and hands and doing the best that i can.

7 weeks and 6 days

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

opening your hearts x 2

This week has been a pretty tough week for ALOT of people
so im doing this blog post in the hopes you can find it in your hearts to dig deep and help

Firstly il start with Lori from Random Ramblings of a SAHM on blogger and RRSAHM on facebook
who sadly lost her beloved husband :(
The blooging world is a tight nit community so they are banding together to help raise some money for Lori and her two beautiful children
So they are doing an Auction!
If any of you talented WAHM's out there could contribute items to auction or help spread the word, please click on the link
you can even just donate a small amoutn of money.

Secondly is the Queensland floods
This has devastated us all and im sure each and every one of us is affected in some way
so please dig deep and help all those women, men and children who have lost everything.
You can donate in person at any of the following
•Commonwealth Bank
•St.George Bank
•Bank SA (Bank of South Australia)
•Australian Central Credit Union
•Savings & Loans Credit Union
•Bank West
•Australian Central Credit Union
•Savings & Loans Credit Union
•Coles supermarkets
•Woolworths supermarkets
•Bunnings warehouses

There is also Queensland Flood Victims Toy Appeal over on facebook which has been created by Adelaide Bargain Mums and Little Lattes
at this stage it is JUST in Adelaide but with success im sure it will spread to all the other states!
They are also taking more then just toys

So i hope you can all find it in your hearts to help two very worthy causes
and just remember doing something good creates good Karma!

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Meal Planning Tuesday

This weeks Meal Plan

Wednesday - pie and homemade chips
Thursday - Chicken Schnitzel and vegies (as we didnt end up having this last week)
Friday - Beef and Redwine casserole with crusty bread
Saturday - nachos or out to dinner for a birthday
Sunday - BBQ - chicken skewers and chicken patties
Monday - Teriyaki beef stirfry
Tuesday - Lasagne and garlic bread

Snacks - Apple Muffins

will pop up a few recipes this week too

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Monday, January 10, 2011

My 20 things about me!

The gorgeous Em over at Mums The Word
has started a linky on "20 things about me"
So im joing in
here are 20 random things about me

#1 i am a virgo to a tee
#2 i have been with my partner for almost 8 years (1 month before i turned 18)
#3 i have a lazy left eye
#4 i wear my watch on my right hand
#5 i dont have butter/margarine on sandwhiches or toast
#6 i only like to drive in the right lane
#7 i have a birth mark on my left thigh
#8 my hair is naturally blonde i was stupid enough to die it :(
#9 my favourite perfume is also Light Blue by D&G
#10 i have a cert III in youth work
#11 my favourite colour is baby blue
#12 in a bed i always have to sleep on the side further away from the door
#13 and always have at least a sheet over me so the axe murderes cant get me ;)
#14 i only wear white gold or silver jewellery
#15 since starting to sew ive become quite addicted to fabric :|
#16 i loooove tinkerbell and butterflys
#17 i hate having bare feet most of the time, yes even in 40o weather if im feeling icky about my feel il put a pair of socks on
#18 my favourite movie is Grease i could watch it over and over again
#19 my favourite food is spaghetti bolognese
#20 i am too nice despite what some may say!

so what are 20 random facts about you?

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What do you think?

You may recall me mentioning that my blog was going ot be going under the knife?

Well today it had its facelift and Name change and i could not be happier!
What do you think?
My blog overhaul was performed by a beautiful young lady, Amber
she is the artistic soul behind Sprowt Graphic Design over on facebook
If you need any design work for your blog, business page or even party invites i highly recommend Amber!
i know she'll be doing my business page and everything i need once i get it all started.
So big THANKYOU to you Amber,
theres no way i could have expressed what i had in my head without your help
And the name change was thought of by my mother
and then agreed upon by the wonderful miss Holly of Good Golly, Miss Holly

On that note
is there anything you would like to see me blog about?
Im all about mummying and id love some suggestions to help keep my creative juices flowing.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love The Momment - January 7th, 8th, 9th

January 7th
 Love The Momment Challenge - Hit 2 spoons together to make a song

Well Master J just took this challenge and ran with it lol 
he went nuts banging the spoons together
not exactly making any particular song but off in his own little world making lots of noise
Lil C just sat there and smiled and giggled i could tell he was enjoying watching his brother look like a gooose!

January 8th
Love The Momment Challenge - Run outside together for no reason

Il admit i dont play outisde enough with Master J
hes a very boystrous little man with loads of energy and mummy well i just cant keep up
So this challenge was a great way for me to get out there and just be a kid again!
Thats exactly how i felt running around without a care in the world
Master J laughed and squealed in delight
will definatly be doing this challenge more often
it reminds me of my child hood

January 9th
 Love The Momment Challenge - Have a family group hug

I love our little family hugs and our happened early this morning while we were all laying in bed.
Master J just loves to hug his little brother so thats what got it started then he wanted us all to hug together
I thought that was really special, he instigated a family hug
Its a great way to just let everyone know they are special and valued in your family


Friday, January 7, 2011

Master J, A birth Story

I have always wanted children, Since i could remember.
I loved playing with baby cousins, cuddling them, feeding them.
You could say i knew i would be a mum one day.

That day came on the 17th Of June 2008
The first most amazing day of my life.

We found out i was prengnat at the end of september not long after my birthday 
It was very very early but never the less there it was a very faint double blue line

we were so excited yet so scared all at the same time
Next step Doctors appointment!

Once the blood test came back that i was indeed pregnant it was all systems go
Booking in at the "womans health clinic" at the hospital, telling our families and buying everything we needed.
Not to mention all day sickness decided to appear.
We were given a due date of the 10th of June 2008
we couldnt wait to meet our baby!

After our first few appointments at the clinic we had to decide wether we going to go through the Maternity ward or the Birth Centre
We had already decided i was going to do this with no epidural so we chose the birth centre as they only offered the pethadine and gas.

For 9 months everything went beautifully well except the first 4-5 where i had full on morning sickness
other then that my MW told me it was a textbook pregnancy
(whatever that is)
We found it we were having a little boy
He would be the first boy grandchild on both sides
His heart beat was always very strong, my BP was always spot on and i measured just right

As we got closer to his due date we got a little more anxious but getting his room, bassinet and carseat ready all helped distract me from the actual birth.

I was only 22 at the time of his birth and quite naive
he was due on the 10th of June so thats what date id be holiding my little guy right??

he was still 7 days away!

On Tuesday the 10th of June my partner went to work as there was no signs of out baby come any time soon
I started getting dull period type pain in my lower back but nothing a heat pack, warms hower or warm bath could fix.
This went on until thursday where all pain stopped.
I had been thinking the past 2 days that it was the start of something but no it just stopped
(the calm before the storm)
Until friday then the pain started again
a little bit stronger but i was still able to relive it with heat and water.
Saturday was much the same still no baby and bearable pain.

Sunday was the day!
It was on like donkey kong the pain had gotten worse still in my lower back and no amount of heat or water would make it go away
I just knew it was here to stay it was still fairly bearable but i knew we were on our way
We were going to meet our baby soon!!

So youd think... but no my body had other plans actually
48hours of irregular painful lower back contractions, no sleep and no baby.

Over the two days Sunday and Monday
We kept in touch with our midwife went in for an internal which i wasnt able to relax enough for was offered a shot of petheadine but was told it could slow the labour and i could wake up to no pain
there was no way i was going backwards it was only onwards from here on in!

So we went home so i could labour at home as it was only early labour
my mum stayed with us for a few hours while i tried to sleep
she would rub my back with every contraction my partner just supportively in the background.

Monday night!
it was all too much to bare id been in early labour for about 48 hours i was sore and exhausted
we ended up at hospital at about 10.40pm after and internal
i was FINALLY 4cm dilated
we were admitted!
my MW for the birth centre was called and we went put into our birthing suite
My mum arrived not long after us and we all settled in.

I laboured in the birthing suite just walking around and using the bed to rock mum was always there ribbing my back My partner just hanging around in the background knwoing that mum and i had it under control
i had my strep b needle and got my bands put on
everything was set to go.

Then at about 5ish i need to go the toilet so in between contractions i went to the toilet
As i was washing my hands a contraction came so i leant over to rock and ride it out

that contraction was the one to break my waters
I screamed for my mum who ran in and then proceed toget my MW Helen
who confirmed my waters had broken and that it was happening!
She suggested having a shower so off came the clothes and in i jumped
It was heaven it felt so nice
mum was still rubbing my back int he shower and helen just waited in the doorway giving instructions when we needed them
My Partner just waited in the background again i knew he was close by thats all i needed.

After about an hour in the shower Helen said it was time to get into my nightie and start really pushing this baby out
So we hopped on the bed me on the right side, stuart on a chair next to me mum on my left side holding the gas on my face for me, Helen down south where all the action was about to take place.

I was told to start pushing through my bottom on my next contraction
So we began! Gas on me screaming blood curdling screams
it flipping hurt!
After 2 pushes like this Helen said i needed to concentrate my noise into pushing so only to groan loudly
It worked we pushed and pushed and groaned and grunted.
As he was crowning Helen exclaimed "hes bald"
to my horror i was like "what bald he cant be bald"
(of course he could be i dont know what i was thinking)
I knew we were not too far away from holding our baby boy.

And finally it happened i pushed through that ring of fire and out came his head.
i stopped pushing just long enough for Helen to make sure he was breathing and that his cord wasnt around his neck adn finished off pushing his little body out.
Helen caught him and litterlaly threw him on my stomach

My boy, he was here, he was covered in gunk but was oh so beautiful!
she laid a blanket over his back checked that he actually was a boy and i brought him closer to me on my chest.
He was crying not very loudly but all it took was some gentle sssshhhing and pats on the bum and he stopped and just laid there.
Stuart hurried around to the other side as his little face was facing my mum and we all cuddled up on the bed our first family cuddle
My mum the beautiful mum she is just stepped back and grabbed the camera

The first thing i notcied was his hand from the angel he was laying on it looked HUGE lol but it wasnt it was perfect.
All i kept saying to stuart was "its our baby, hes here"
There were tears all round exceot for me :(
I was too exhausted to physically cry but on the inside i was crying a waterfall

I had done it i had given birth to my amazing little man.

After 48 hours of early labour, no sleep, 8hours and 50 minutes of active labour, pushing actively for an hour, using just the gas i gave birth to a healthy baby boy

Joshua Andrew Graham was born
Tuesday 17th June 2008 at 7:05am
weighing 8lb 40z and meaasuirng 52cm

He was perfect

and now 2 and a half years on he is a boystrous little man who makes me so proud and amazes me everyday
who we love with our everything.

Stay tuned for his little brothers arrival

My Thoughts for Lori

Im only new to the blogging world
so this is my first Flog Ya Blog Friday and such a thoughtful FYBF 
which is why i have decided to join FLBF today!

My good mama friend over at
has given me guidence on how to particpate 
and brought my attention to needs of a lady who seems ever so lovely,

I have followed her blogg for a little while now and am sad to see her and her precious little family going through such a horrible ordeal.
With having a partner myself and two beautiful boys i just can not imagine how she must be feeling and this has shaken me as it will alot of people.
So please, Lori needs our thoughts and prayers
To help her husband come out of intensive care, to come back to his family where he belongs.

Lori my thoughts are with you and your babies
i wish with all my might that your soul mate makes it through back home to your familys arms

image from here


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love The Momment - January 6th

January 6th

Todays Challenge - Kiss your child between their eyes

So simple yet so beautiful
My boys get one of these every morning, theres just something so sweet, so special, so innocent about it.

Picture from here

Have you joined the Love the Momment Challenge?


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love The Momment - January 3rd, 4th and 5th

January 3rd
Love The Momment Challenge was - Smell Flowers

We had a beautiful day here on the 3rd a perfect day to go outside and take time to smell the roses
We have nothing but rose bushes out the back
So i took Master J out the back and picked the rose bush that was closest to his smelling height and showed him how to smell them
"Oooo pretty, Joshie do"
so Master J walks up to the rose has a sniff..
Reaction.. crinkled up face and ewwwww
oh well i guess pink roses arent everyones cup of tea

January 4th
Love The Momment Challenge - Get Down on My Childs Level and Smile at Them for No Reason

This was a very cute challenge
Master J is rather boystrous to say the least
So when go down on his level and smiled at him he looked at me with wide blue eyes
Just hugged me
it was so sweet i lvoe getting big hugs for no reason other then he must love his mummy ;)

As for Lil C it was easy to just stare in his eyes see his innocence
and once again get the biggest gummiest smiles you ever did see!

January 5th
Love The Momment Challenge - Put Music on and Dance for 3 minutes

This has been my favourite challenge so far!

I had my chance with Lil C this morning while Master J was at daycare
Usher came on the tv and Lil C just went quite.. and was mesmerized by the video clip (thats my boy)
so i picked him and started grooving
HE LOVED it giggling and laughing, smiling and drooling

Once Master J came home we chucked on his favourite wiggles CD
and away we went!
He too was laughing and jumping around having the time of his life

By the end of it mumma was knackerd lol
but wow i had so much fun and even better so did my babies


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meal Planning - om nom nom

First off il apologise for bombarding you all with my million of bloggs a day
im trying to get all the bloggs il do the same time weekly out there so its easier to explain myself and nice and quick
so please bare with me

I fiiinally recieved my OTi Organiser today
and im so extremely excitied!
It has many a organising tools post it notes, contact book and...
A Meal Planning section on every weeks page (YAYYYYY)

Which bring me to this particular post

So Meal planning we all know what it is right?
You plan your weekly meals
saves those night at feral o'clock staring into the fridge and freezer going
"What are we going to have for dinner"

it means you can prepare bits and pieces throughout the day so once cooking time hits you just chuck it all together

Massive time saver at dinner time and shopping time
If you combine the two and only buy what you need for your meal plan plus essentials youl save sooo much money because your not buying stuff going oh i could make that and then deciding you dont want too.

Saves MONEY and we all love to save $ right!
no buying things you dont really need, no quick trips to the takeaway joint when you cant decide what to have

Which in turn also makes it healthier
You choose your menu for your family, what you know they'll eat.

My Meal planning was inspired by another meal planning mum
who blogs her meal plan every week.

So here is my Meal Plan for this week
I plan on a monday and tuesday as i shop on a wednesday

Wednesday - Bbq chicken wraps/rolls
Thursday - BBQ
Tikka Tala Chicken and Homemade Chicken patties for Master J
mushroom and onion, potato slices and pasta salad
Friday - Home crumbed Chicken Schnitzel and salad
Saturday - Bolognese sauce roll
Sunday - Chicken Leek and Mushroom pie
*will also prepare mondays meal
Monday - Slow cooker recipe base chicken
*prepared sunday so its easy to just chuck in first thing in the morning
Tuesday - Tacos
*as you can see there is alot of chicken this isnt always the case we try and alternate between chicken and beef daily

There it is i will also try and add some recipes as my meal planning posts go along in the mean time if theres any meals ive listed you wish the recipe for just ask and il type it up


What's in a name

Goodmorning lovelies

My Blogg will be going under the knife soon and getting a little makeover!
I have also decided to do a name change aswell
Im after something that relates to being a mummy and to having 2 boys something a bit simple but creative
(i dont ask for much i know)
so im putting it out there and looking for suggestions!

I have a few in mind so far...

*Mummy Time
*Raising Boys x 2 (or similar)
*All things mummy
* They call me mummy/mum
*Mummys the Name, Motherings the Game
(il add more as i think of them)

But i would love for you guys to suggest anything
so please help a mummy of two gorgeous boys out


Monday, January 3, 2011

The Organised Me of 2011

For those that dont know me im a bit of a perfectionist
yep i blame my star sign, Virgo no joke its true!

So along with that i love to be organised

*I make lists and then i re-write it oh and if i make a mistake i re-write it again
(organised or anal? you decide)
*I meal plan (inspired by another organised mum) and i plan in general.
*Shopping day consists of To Do lists, lists for the supermakert, the fruit and veg shop, the bakers and Target ;)
* Things must be neat and oragnaised
(if you could see my house right now you'd laugh :|)

If none of the above and then some are done i freak out
yes you read right!
I start to feel out of control
(weirdo much?)
Which ends in me having a huge hollywood style hissy fit
(worthy of an oscar if i dont say so myself)
in which i go on a massive cleaning spree throwing things out left right and centre!
I decided that its not entirely healthy and that i probably wont win an Osacr
Which is why i started following a fabulous blogg

Katrina the lovely lady behind this blogg posts a new task every week to help you get organised
I started late last year particpating in
im proud to say i did really well

Needless to say my pantry dosent look like that anymore! waaahhhhhh

So ive decided to be amazingly organised again and tackle my house to become not just organised but SUPER organised!
(yayyy lots of conatainers and organising systems)
I think just about every room needs another spring clean and tidy

*Lounge room - is good but need to oragnaise the book case and magazines on coffee table
*Kitchen - is ok need to keep benches clear, organise pantry (AGAIN), organise plastics cupboard and tidy on top of fridge.
*Dining room - once again ok my little BSK and craft corner needs to be organised, need a desk with shelves or some sort and a setup to put my fabric and sewing machine in.
*Master Bedroom - just needs a complete overhaul i think this will be the biggest job, need to declutter all the paper, store the unused bassinet and go through all cdraws and hanging space
(its time to be brutal)
*Outside pergola -  needs a clean, remove recycling and rearrange bbq and table
*Carport - this will be my parnters job but we'll need to organise all his tools and all the things we cant fit in our house.
*The boys bedrooms -  Master J's is pretty good but a good cleanout every now and then will be done and Lil C's is almsot finished just a few bits and pieces to sew and decorate it with and remove a few odds and ends and his will be done too.
*paper work -  thats a massive problem in this house so this is one area im desperate to oraginse so il be ditching, shredding and filing until im happy with the result.

As you can see theres some massive jobs to be done but im determined one way or another!
I have a full year afterall so plenty of time to get myself organised to the way it should be!

I hope I can get you thinking about orgainsation (or about pulling your toenails off)
The Organised Housewife can inspire you to actually get organised!


Point and Shoot

My Little Christmas Angel Praying for a Miracle
or a less boystrous big brother ;)
Taken Christmas day 2010

Ive decided to play Point and Shoot aswell this year to give you a sneak peek into my little world
You can play along too with Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Love The Momment - January 2nd

January 2nd
second day of 2011 and 2nd day of Be A Fun Mum's

Todays Challenge was too
"Hold hands and Jump around in the kitchen"

How much fun does that sound??

My partner had taught Master J a little song that made Lil C smile
"Go Coco Go Coco Go Go Go Coco"
and Master J had been singing it to himself and to his brother all day!!

So i saw the opportunity and whilst holding Lil C grabbed Master J's hands
and did a little jumpy around dance
(quite hard with a 16 week old in your arms)
Whilst singing the above chant.

Master J LOVED IT!
he had the biggest smile on his face he was laughing away and even held Lil C's hands and danced away with him which in turn made him smile and laugh

It was such a beautiful momment
Such a simple thing yet something that il remember forever

So make sure you head on over to
and join in the

cant wait for tomorrows challenge
"Smell Flowers"