Monday, January 3, 2011

The Organised Me of 2011

For those that dont know me im a bit of a perfectionist
yep i blame my star sign, Virgo no joke its true!

So along with that i love to be organised

*I make lists and then i re-write it oh and if i make a mistake i re-write it again
(organised or anal? you decide)
*I meal plan (inspired by another organised mum) and i plan in general.
*Shopping day consists of To Do lists, lists for the supermakert, the fruit and veg shop, the bakers and Target ;)
* Things must be neat and oragnaised
(if you could see my house right now you'd laugh :|)

If none of the above and then some are done i freak out
yes you read right!
I start to feel out of control
(weirdo much?)
Which ends in me having a huge hollywood style hissy fit
(worthy of an oscar if i dont say so myself)
in which i go on a massive cleaning spree throwing things out left right and centre!
I decided that its not entirely healthy and that i probably wont win an Osacr
Which is why i started following a fabulous blogg

Katrina the lovely lady behind this blogg posts a new task every week to help you get organised
I started late last year particpating in
im proud to say i did really well

Needless to say my pantry dosent look like that anymore! waaahhhhhh

So ive decided to be amazingly organised again and tackle my house to become not just organised but SUPER organised!
(yayyy lots of conatainers and organising systems)
I think just about every room needs another spring clean and tidy

*Lounge room - is good but need to oragnaise the book case and magazines on coffee table
*Kitchen - is ok need to keep benches clear, organise pantry (AGAIN), organise plastics cupboard and tidy on top of fridge.
*Dining room - once again ok my little BSK and craft corner needs to be organised, need a desk with shelves or some sort and a setup to put my fabric and sewing machine in.
*Master Bedroom - just needs a complete overhaul i think this will be the biggest job, need to declutter all the paper, store the unused bassinet and go through all cdraws and hanging space
(its time to be brutal)
*Outside pergola -  needs a clean, remove recycling and rearrange bbq and table
*Carport - this will be my parnters job but we'll need to organise all his tools and all the things we cant fit in our house.
*The boys bedrooms -  Master J's is pretty good but a good cleanout every now and then will be done and Lil C's is almsot finished just a few bits and pieces to sew and decorate it with and remove a few odds and ends and his will be done too.
*paper work -  thats a massive problem in this house so this is one area im desperate to oraginse so il be ditching, shredding and filing until im happy with the result.

As you can see theres some massive jobs to be done but im determined one way or another!
I have a full year afterall so plenty of time to get myself organised to the way it should be!

I hope I can get you thinking about orgainsation (or about pulling your toenails off)
The Organised Housewife can inspire you to actually get organised!