Friday, January 28, 2011

Project Life

Has been thinking, dangerous? Yes haha

No no i have joined a page on FB Becky Higgins 
Who is the master mind behind a truly wonderful idea Project Life

Project Life is a scrap book you put together of your year! So a year full of wonderful memories
I would LOVE to do it but just dont have the money at about $99 its a bit expensive right now
Becky includes everything you need and gives you ideas on what to take photos of
Which is POTD or Photo Of The Day.

So i thought this would be a great blog idea
I would take one of her suggestions every week and post my pic on here with a little blurb about it

Its not going to be about everyone doing it although you are all more then welcome to
I Just thought it would be a really fun post with some really differnt photos.

So stay tuned and il try and do my first one at some stage today

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