Friday, January 21, 2011

Balancing Act

Im sure this post has been done to death but im having a Mum-ment! and need to vent

Over the past few weeks ive really been feeling the "perfect" pressure!
you kow that feeling where you have to have everythig prefect for your family?
or am i the only one?

Anywho im a SAHM and luuurve it, ive discovered its where im meant to be no matter how tough money gets time with my boys is worth more then anything.

along with the SAHM comes the "stigma" of SAHWife
which means home cooked meals, clean hosue, washing done, dishes done etc etc
Thats cool i can do that fo sure! somedays i even enjoy doing that
but lately it seems to have gotten on top of me.

Im feeling the pressure of having all of that plus more done everyday!
But theres not enough hours in the day for all of that and to raise 2 beautiful boys, to get my craft on, my blog on gees even my fb on (sad really i know)
Yes i know Fb, Blogging, Craft arent as important as spending time with my babies or running a household but as many SAHM know you need an outlet a window to the outside world pretty muchs so you dont get cabin fever right?

So it got me down and stressing out (as you do) about where i find me time
yes i said it MUMMY time because as much as i dedicate myself to my partner, children and house and chose this path mummy does need time too!!
"A happy mummy is a happy baby"
i fully 100% believe in this statement!
I think most mothers work better when they can get some down time some them time..

How do i find that balance? Why cant i just forget about the house work for just one day? Why does the house have to be clean and tidy every day (for me i know its because im a virgo but still grrr)
Why do i put so much pressure on myself? Why do we all put so much pressure on ourselves
Afterall we are only human right?

Is it because of the expectations from the media and society that if you're a SAHM you have to have the perfect life the perfect house, the perfect children, the perfect life?
That your a "bad mum" if you dont have it in the bag, balanced and under control?

So id love to know what your thoughts are? Do you feel the pressure somedays?
How do you balance your days?

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