Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love The Momment - January 3rd, 4th and 5th

January 3rd
Love The Momment Challenge was - Smell Flowers

We had a beautiful day here on the 3rd a perfect day to go outside and take time to smell the roses
We have nothing but rose bushes out the back
So i took Master J out the back and picked the rose bush that was closest to his smelling height and showed him how to smell them
"Oooo pretty, Joshie do"
so Master J walks up to the rose has a sniff..
Reaction.. crinkled up face and ewwwww
oh well i guess pink roses arent everyones cup of tea

January 4th
Love The Momment Challenge - Get Down on My Childs Level and Smile at Them for No Reason

This was a very cute challenge
Master J is rather boystrous to say the least
So when go down on his level and smiled at him he looked at me with wide blue eyes
Just hugged me
it was so sweet i lvoe getting big hugs for no reason other then he must love his mummy ;)

As for Lil C it was easy to just stare in his eyes see his innocence
and once again get the biggest gummiest smiles you ever did see!

January 5th
Love The Momment Challenge - Put Music on and Dance for 3 minutes

This has been my favourite challenge so far!

I had my chance with Lil C this morning while Master J was at daycare
Usher came on the tv and Lil C just went quite.. and was mesmerized by the video clip (thats my boy)
so i picked him and started grooving
HE LOVED it giggling and laughing, smiling and drooling

Once Master J came home we chucked on his favourite wiggles CD
and away we went!
He too was laughing and jumping around having the time of his life

By the end of it mumma was knackerd lol
but wow i had so much fun and even better so did my babies