Monday, January 10, 2011

My 20 things about me!

The gorgeous Em over at Mums The Word
has started a linky on "20 things about me"
So im joing in
here are 20 random things about me

#1 i am a virgo to a tee
#2 i have been with my partner for almost 8 years (1 month before i turned 18)
#3 i have a lazy left eye
#4 i wear my watch on my right hand
#5 i dont have butter/margarine on sandwhiches or toast
#6 i only like to drive in the right lane
#7 i have a birth mark on my left thigh
#8 my hair is naturally blonde i was stupid enough to die it :(
#9 my favourite perfume is also Light Blue by D&G
#10 i have a cert III in youth work
#11 my favourite colour is baby blue
#12 in a bed i always have to sleep on the side further away from the door
#13 and always have at least a sheet over me so the axe murderes cant get me ;)
#14 i only wear white gold or silver jewellery
#15 since starting to sew ive become quite addicted to fabric :|
#16 i loooove tinkerbell and butterflys
#17 i hate having bare feet most of the time, yes even in 40o weather if im feeling icky about my feel il put a pair of socks on
#18 my favourite movie is Grease i could watch it over and over again
#19 my favourite food is spaghetti bolognese
#20 i am too nice despite what some may say!

so what are 20 random facts about you?

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