Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love The Momment - January 1st

if you saw my last post you would have seen that i am particpating in a beautiful challenge entitled

It is the creation of kelly over at
Where she inspires all us mummas and dads too to reclaim the joy of parenthood.

"The Love the Moment Challenge 
is about creating and capturing moments. 
To treasure moments.
To make sure the moments don’t get missed. 
 To love the moments because they are so very precious."
- Kelly @ BAFM

So today, January First 2011
i have already completed half (because i have two boys) of the very first Love the Momment task being

“take 1 minute to look in your child’s eyes”

i was able to do this, this morning when i was feeding Lil C we both sat there just staring into each other eyes like we were the only two people in the world
it was an azaming feeling one that brought tears to my eyes.
I could see his innocence, i could see that i am his everything, i could feel the love i have for him swell.

The second half of this challenge for me personally is too try and grab 1 full minute with the very Boystrous Master J
I think this may have to be done in lots of 30 seconds but i will get that full minute one way or another!

I think this is an amazing idea helping to remind us all about the small things that may go unnoticed.

2011 is the year to change all of this
The year to share with your children these tiny little momments
The Year where the birds and the wind, the grass and the sky, a hug and a kiss don’t go unnoticed.
Love the Moment

Head on over to
and grab the January month Calendar with all 31 momments
and start loving your momments right now!