Sunday, January 2, 2011

Love The Momment - January 2nd

January 2nd
second day of 2011 and 2nd day of Be A Fun Mum's

Todays Challenge was too
"Hold hands and Jump around in the kitchen"

How much fun does that sound??

My partner had taught Master J a little song that made Lil C smile
"Go Coco Go Coco Go Go Go Coco"
and Master J had been singing it to himself and to his brother all day!!

So i saw the opportunity and whilst holding Lil C grabbed Master J's hands
and did a little jumpy around dance
(quite hard with a 16 week old in your arms)
Whilst singing the above chant.

Master J LOVED IT!
he had the biggest smile on his face he was laughing away and even held Lil C's hands and danced away with him which in turn made him smile and laugh

It was such a beautiful momment
Such a simple thing yet something that il remember forever

So make sure you head on over to
and join in the

cant wait for tomorrows challenge
"Smell Flowers"