Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday

Hello Tuesday we meet again ;)

This weeks menu is

Wednesday - Chicken & Basil sourdough toasties
Thursday - Sang Choy Bau
Friday - Pastie Pie
Saturday - Chicken & Basil Pesto pasta
Sunday - Homemade Chicken Nuggets & Roast vegies
Monday - Spring Rolls & Samosas
Tuesday - Porcupines with homemade garlic bread

A few new recipes this week, some family favourites but all very yummy

If you want some more dinner inspiration dont forget to pop over to

Whats on your menu this week?

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Monday, July 25, 2011

My Diamonds.. week 1

If you read my Embracing the Good post
You would have seen I have been in a not so happy sparkly place
I felt like we were dealing with one bad thing after another
The gorgeous Naomi of Seven Cherubs
suggested maybe it was just how I was looking at everything that was going on

Of course she was right.
Naturally it is very easy to start focusing on just the negatives
which is why I made a decison to try and find the positives and the good in every day
even if its just one thing.
I then comitted to writing a post every Monday.

As some days can be "rough" Ive decided to go with a Diamond in the Rough feel with my posts
They will be all about my beautiful Diamonds I find every day

So here we go some sparkle from last week.

* We have been able to enjoy some winter sunshine
* I had so much support in regards to my little kind of blogging break
I am so very hunmbled by all your lovely comments.
* My maternity leave can be extended for another 12 months
Yayyy I am so glad I dont have to struggle with a decison about wether to go back or not!
* Lil C is finally better and smiling his little head off again
It was a very rough 2 days with no smiles
* Master J is coming out with new words every day
We are completely blown away but what he is learning and absorbing
* We started a new chapter today regarding Master J's daycare
He has started at an amazing centre and I just know the strictness of his team leader
is just we what need to help us and him.
* I came under budget again woot and we are putting the extra money away for Lil C's 1st birthday in September.
* I feel like taking my semi blogging break is just what I needed to relieve some stress
I do miss it somedays though
and lastly
* I have had so many gorgeous girls show their support to me and my little family after some hard times
I am feeling so very lucky and blessed

When I look back on last week despite the big negative I had so much positive has come out of it

Looking on the bright side of life is hard at the best of times
but honestly its much easier writing it down.

I cant wait to see what Diamonds I find this week.

I hope you have been able to find some gorgeous Diamonds in your "rough" days this week too.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hurting and needing time to heal

This is a post I dont want to write
Its one I havn't taken lightly
But its one I have to do.

After recent events in my life that have been hard for me to deal with
In which my child has now been blogged about in a negative light
I will be stopping blogging "often" until I feel comfortable again.

I am hurt beyond comprehension that my 3yo has been the centre of these negative comments
especially from someone I once trusted and loved.
But I just feel like I am not protecting him enough from the evil real world by being here.

I wish no ill on the persons involved I really dont
Im going to assume they were angry, i mean thats no excuse but I know what they are like
I just hope they realise what they have said is not ok
NOT true and that I am hurt
wether they care or not it hurt alot

I will still be on Twitter and on my Facebook page and Pinterest
I am also thinking I will still post my weekly meal plans and my positive/good posts every monday
You cant get rid of me that easily ;)
But i think thats all I have in me.
There may be one or two posts, I'm happy to guest post if anyone needs any help
I just cant committ to regular posts anymore

I need to put myself and my family first.

I dont want to do this and honestly I shouldn't have to
But I'am hurting
I need time to heal

I hope you all understand and I thank every single one for you on here twitter and FB
for your amazing support
It really means the world to me.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday...

Why hello Tuesday, you are here again!
Is it just me or is it really getting quicker and quicker every week?
Hmm...  anywho onto this week meal plan...

Wednesday - Bolognese pie
Thursday - Satay chicken skewers on naan bread with salad and tazitzki
Friday - Nachos with guacamole and sour cream
Saturday - Chicken tacos
another recipe found on Pinterest, will add link later as their server is down at the momment
Sunday - Chicken schnitzel with roast vegies
Monday - Meatballs in the slow cooker
Tuesday - Honey chicken with fried rice
will ither be another Pinterest recipe or kangtong sauce

I hope you are all enjoying my meal plans and i'm inpiring a few of you
If there are any recipes you would like too see just let me know and I shall do a post for you.

So whats on your meal plan this week?

I would like to say a big thankyou to Katrina of The Organsied Housewife
loads more meal planning inspiration over on her blog!
for allowing me to guest post my last weeks meal plan
It was my first ever and I loved it!
Also welcome to all my lovely new Blog followers and FB likers
I appreciate you all joining in on my journey of Mum-ments

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Embracing the good

Ok so no secret I've been rather blue lately
I blame the weather and the chain of events that happend from putting myself first.
Add money, end of maternity leave, silly little things going wrong and too many ideas, not enough time
and it makes for one miserable mumma.
Where it really shouldn't be making me glum.

I finally reached a point yesterday where I said, enough!
There is no need to be this miserable
how do I get myself out of it?
Where do I start?
Who do I talk to?

The answer to the last question was easy, the gorgeous Naomi of Seven Cherubs
Someone I trust even though we've never met, someone I respect.

I put all these "issues" forward to her
Im sure she thinks I'm a drama queen ;)
And her reply was simple but powerful!

Feeling like this is perfectly normal
Maybe I'm looking for the negatives thats why I feel like thats all thats happening to us
Maybe I need to lower my expectations and think about the things that happen differntly.

I read her reply email a few times
each time agreeing more and more
Naomi thought maybe her words wouldn't help me
but they helped more then expected!

This mummy of 7 cherubs was completely right
The only way to change my mood was to change my thinking.

The silly thing is I believe all those types of quotes yet I havn't been living them out..

      **image                            **image

But It's always easy to believe then actually apply it to your life right?
Or is that just me :|

Yesterday the sun was shininng we had clear blue skys
so i bundled my babes, the pram and Master J's Cars bike
and took them down to the beach.
We walked and he rode and we sat at the playground in the sunshine
and I pondered
I pondered Naomis words
How was I going to change all this negativity that seems to be consuming our lives.

Seeing as I cant change the weather
I need to change my attitude
Its time to...
*no image credit found

It's time to find the good in every situation.
The good in every day.
My babes are a given good, every day they make me happy, no question
Its finding the good in the rest of my life.

And what better way to do that then to blog about it.
Now of course life has ups & downs, good & bad
But i think I'm focusing more on the negatives then the positives
and this is what this will be all about
foucsing on the positives
having them all in one spot, out in the open
so if I start to feel like im slipping back to the negatives
I can see all the wonderful, amazing things I really do have going on in my life.

I've decided that every Monday
well hopefully
I will post about all the good positive things I found in my last week.
At least 1 for every day with pictures and quotes.
I started finding yesterday and i will Blog it a week from tomrrow so i get the full weeks worth.

This way I am comitted to finding the good and I hope you will all hold me to it too.

And if Im up for it I'll post a status on the Mum-ments Facebook page with one good thing from my day.
I would love to see what good everyone else finds in there day :)

Its time to change
Its time to...

I have to send the biggest thankyou to Naomi
I am almost a complete stranger to her, yet she found the time in her busy life to give me her perspective.
and for this I am truly grateful

Somtimes an outsiders ideas, thoughts and views are all we need to kick start ourselves.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grateful for..

...My daddy
I'm a daddys girl striaght out and simple
He was always there when I needed him
and even to this day he still is.
I loved his smell and rough skin
His big hands and cuddles

My dad isn't the other half of me though
He's my step dad by law, but my dad by love.
My mum and him are now divorced
So technically he is meant to be "nothing" to us.

The divorce was ugly, to say the least
but through it all
dad was always there
He could have cut my brother and myself out once the divorce was finalised
Afterall we aren't his biological kids
But he didn't
I don't think it even crossed his mind
He has been our dad since I was 2 and I am almost 26.
You cant walk away from that.

My daddy and I have a werid relationship
We use to fight all the time
Gemmini and Virgo
need i say more
We've had massive lows but so many highs
But eventually we reached a point where we were getting along
And it hasnt changed since.

He helps my fix my car
or with money if we are desperate
Fixes my computers and is even hooking us up with a little holiday home soon (hopefully)

So this week I am grateful for my Daddy
I am grateful he is always here for me
I am grateful he didn't leave us
I am grateful he is a grandfather to my babes

I am grateful he came into out lives all those years ago

I love you Dad

What are you grateful for this week?

Linking up with Maxabella Loves

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Do you Love your life?

This question popped up at me the other day.
Do you love your life?

Simple answer NO I dont love parts of my life
More in depth answer?
Well here we go!

I cam across a status on one of my favourite FB pages
From someone who I admire, look up to and respect so very much.

Her status was simple.

"LOVE my life xxx"

How could she not love her life
After all she has been through she is finally living out her dream,
and doing a damn fine job at it too!
I could not be happier for her

But I envy her for my own selfish reasons
I want my dreams to come true too
I just have no idea where to start or even what they all are.

I read that status about 3 times
Each time feeling a pang of guilt
I dont love my life, well for the most part, and that straight out sucks.

I love being a mother more then anything
Some days are really hard others are just pure bliss but i know
I was put on this Earth to be a mother, to be a mother to these boys.
I love I am able to be a SAHMummy, that I even have this opportunity, twice even.
This is the part of my life I DO love.

There are many parts of my life that i wish could be better or differnt
Only i can change these I know that
but it dosent make it any easier trying to figure out how to change those things.

There is something missing.
I dont know what it is but I am on a mission to find out.

Before I had my babes I worked full time in one of the bigger supermarkets
I was heading towards a career with them
I decided that my babies would come next though.
A decsion I do NOT regret
It was absolutly the right one.

Before working I studied Community Services and Youth Work
Both I was good at nither of which interest me anymore.

I love to help people
I love to organise
I absolutly loved planning and decorating Master Js 3rd Birthday Party
and I have loved learning all these interesting things about his speech and behaviour.

There is defiantly a few things I could I do around the things I love
I just have so many dreams and desires
I just dont know where to start or what to do :|

I have never been the type of person where great things have fallen in my lap
I have always had to put blood sweat and tears into everything I have ever wanted
and thats ok by me
It gives me a sense of accomplishment
I can say I did it on my own.
This will be no differnt.
I hope this time though more opportunitys arise to make the decison a little easier
Only leaving me with the hard work required to succeed.

I know the universe will guide me in the direction I'm meant to be heading
I believe whole heartdly it will show me what I am supposed to do alongside being a mummy
We have already made one decsion regarding me returning to work
and I hope that in itself opens a few new doors.

In the mean time I will follow my one true love of mothering
Walk this path with passion and joy
Love the momment
For now I will love with my everything that part of my life

One day I will love my life completely not just part of it
One day I too will be living out my dreams.
One day I will have the life I dream of for my family

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Know...

This week the

*I know that coming under budget which included buying extras is awesome!
And also allows mumma to buy a pretty new recipe book stand :)

* I know that I am addicted to Pinterest
There is so many awesome ideas out there that I've had to start a
"Stuff n things to do ASAP" board
for the things I reeeallly want to do.

* I know that life at the momment is tough
But that I will get thought it.
That there will be changes made and I am looking at a new direction
Not 100% sure which direction it is exactly but I'll let you know when I do!

* I know that i have big dreams for my career, my crafty hobby & my blog
but that I feel like I am striving for them alone
I feel like I have no-one in my corner.
I feel almost ready to quit it all

* I know that my boys can melt any negative feelings away in an instant with a few new words or a big gummy smile.

* I know Master J is talking more & more every day

* I know that he is getting too clever for his own good

*I know he made me cry tears of happiness with one small Heytell message.
how he even knows how to send one of those is beyond me lol

* I know that Lil C will be walking before we know it
he has mastered crawling and has just about mastered pulling himself up on everything.

* I know that Lil C finally has at least one toothie peg ready to pop through

* I know that he loves having a little independence when it comes to feeding himself

* I know that i think thats all I know this week and I that I should leave some
knowledge for next week

What do you know this week?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday with a Pinterest twist ;)

Tuesday is here again!
This weeks meal plan is a little differnt
I have a few slow cooker meals a few easy family favourites
but im most excitied about the meals I've planned that I've pinned from

I'll add the pic for these ones.

Wednesday - Italian chicken in the Slow Cooker
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Healthy Baked chicken nuggets with warm potato salad & homemade chips for Master J

Saturday - Lasagne in the slow cooker

Sunday - Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Bake
Using chicken breast instead of legs

Monday - Avaccado & Vegetable rice paper rolls
I will use chicken in them aswell

Tuesday - Mummas Meal Pie

Today is going to be a big cook up day to try and get some basics in the freezer
On the list i have
Bolognese sauce
Homemade chicken nuggets (differnt to above recipe)
Chicken pie (tonight dinner)
Mixed mashed vegies for Lil C
Apple & Cinnamon porridge for Lil C
And prep for slow cooker dinner tomorrow

I'll also hopefully be doing some baking
Apple muffins
Mini Pizza scrolls
Mini vegimite & cheese scrolls

It may seem like a lot but i have Mr S home today and they are all quite easy to make.
Heres to hoping i have the motivation to get most of it done!

Anywho Im pretty excitied about our menu this week
Some really easy meals as i try and find my mojo back that winter has so stealthily stole ;)
And an even better excuse to spend some more time lost in the world of

If your after even more inspirations check out Meal Planning with The Organised Housewife

Whats cooking in your kitchen this week?

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I know...

Joining in with Yay For Home

* I know that i havn't been feeling that happy lately.
But I am on my way back to my happy cheery self

* I know that Stacey from Sunny Mummy
Is amazing, so beautiful and knows just what to say.
I tweeted i was feeling blah and didnt know how to get past it
So she wrote this post dedicated to me and all other mummas.

*I know that opening the blind on the outside of our bedroom filled the whole house with more light
which put me in a much happier mood
add some cute little bow clips and some super comfy trackies
And my blah mood was lifted.

* I know that my big boy is still smitten with his little brother almost 10 months in
As a mum that is the best feeling in the world.

* I also know that even though he is smitten he's not partial to leading him astray
yes even at 3yrs and 10 months they are getting up to harmless mischief ;)

* I know that Mr S aka Fisherman friend ;)
Is finally on the same page as me with one of our biggest issues as a family
As painful as it was for him to admit
He now understands how i feel and he feels the same way too
It dosent make the whole situation any better
but knowing he feels and understands me makes it a whole lot easier to forget about.

* I know there is only 54 days till SPRING my favourite time of the year!
Which also means only 65 days till Lil C's 1st birthday and 73 till my 26th birthday!
both of which i am extremely excited about.

* I know that I have some amazing friends
In person and On FB
And I love watching beautiful friendships form with some amazingly inspirtaional ladies in Blogger Land
I wish i had the time to comment on all your wonderful posts

* I know that last nights hysterical giggle fit with Master J
was just what I and he needed
It was the most beautiful thing

* Lastly I know
Mr S, Master J and Lil C
make my world go around
What do you know?

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pinterest Craft & Something for mummy ;)

I crossed over to the dark side
I am now a pinner on Pinterest
you can follow me here if you are a fellow pinner
You can find so many amazing things on Pinterest
Amazing wedding and birthday ideas
recipes and even craft projects.

I cam across this craft project the the other day

And loved the whole idea
Now this is not my idea at all and i believe by the watermark its from Little Birdie Secrets
But i thought i would show you how i created my very own, in next to no time too!

All you need is A photo frame with glass, some gorgeous scrapbooking paper, pretty paper or even some wrapping paper you love and some dry erase markers.

So i settled Master J down with toy story 2
and some of his own special "nachos"
(corn chips and grated cheese)
And cut out my paper and popped it in the frame.

I am so in love with this paper
I was kind of sad it was my last little bit :(
so if anyone knows where i can get some more i would love you forever
I am however happy that everyone else gets to enjoy seeing it now too.

Then take your dry erase maker and get busy writing!

I chose to write this quote on this particualr day
Its one I love
One that is so very true
One i need to remember

Well there you have it
one of the quickest, easiest, most beautiful craft project you could find
The best part is I can change the paper to suit my moods
Write a differnt quote or message every day.
Its now taken pride of place on our kitchen bench

and even Mr S is secretly excitied to write soemthing on it ;)
But ssshhhh i didnt tell you that

I pin more and more things every day
Thanks to some lovely ladies I follow who seem to find the most amazing pictures
And I'm excitied to start some new craft projects and recipes that I've pinned

So if your a Pinterest addict or just starting out
Happy Pinning
but be warned...
Its addictive ;)

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Little Red "Mothering" Wagon

On the back of the gorgeous post, Sergeant Should
from the beatuful Sunny Mummy Stacey
I wanted to post this post.
I wrote it not that long ago, 3rd of February to be exact
I had it posted on a blog as anonymous of someone I once respected & trusted

Some of it has changed as my friendship circle has changed

But the feelings of not coping are coming back again
Im starting to feel out of conrol again
The one feeling I dont like

Staceys post helped me so much! I know its ok that everything will be ok
But i just wanted to share this post because
Its a place I HAVE been
and In this momment starting to fight again.
At least I now know the light at the end of the tunnel really does keep shining



What do you do you when the very person that holds your whole life together starts to crash?
What do you do when you are that person?

Ok so i guess that might sound like im up myself
but you name me one mother who does not keep the household, children, family togther, running like clock work.

Im not going to pussyfoot around here, im coming straight out and saying it
yep thats right i said it!
All of a sudden the wheels on that little red mothering wagon are starting to fall off
one by one..

I cry, i scream, im stressed
My partner and i fight, i could almost say i want him too leave
I get sick of hearing him constantly fighting with our children, sick of him playing the "oh i cant cope" card
hunni try living it 24hrs a day 7 days a week and then get back to me
At least you can escape to work or off to one of your "activities"
What time do i get? Wheres MUM's time?
I hate everything i ask him to do is SUCH a task, that its like im asking him just to piss him off, that i cant even go have a 5 minute shower to refresh because he "thinks" he cant handle it
(for the record he did fine!)
I hate he makes me feel like he wants to be anywhere on earth then sitting next to me or spending time with his kids.
I hate he makes me feel all of this

Our children,
I love them to pieces, theres nothing i wouldnt do for them i live for them
 but Master 3 is doing my head in,
He kicks, he screams (probably becuase we do i know), he hits, he throws things, he hits his sibling, he trashes the house upturing clothes, toyboxes, recycling anything he can reach he dumps on the floor
He has no attention span, he moves from one activity to another, he cant sit still.
He is High Demand
and i cant handle it anymore.
I dont know what to do!

I am at breaking point,
i want to walk out, turn my back on everything and everyone
but i know its not the answer.
I need to stay and fight this, fight for my family, fight for my sanity
I need to see a Doctor.

I have no support, nothing! people say they are "there for me" but are you really?
Why am i the only one that has to ask for help?
No-one understands my life, because they are not living it
Everyone seems to compare and their day their situation has to be worse then mine.
I understand everyones situation is differnt that people handle things differntly but that dosent mean i dont count!
Why cant i have a bad day?
Because i am seemingly strong? Like i am holding it together?
Becaue i am still putting everyone elses needs before my own?, because i will drop everything to help the ones i love? 
Acting is easy TRUST me, you dont know what goes on behind closed doors!
But do you ever stop to ask?
Do you ever think that "strong" "holding it together" person isnt coping?
I am selfless its who i am regardless of my problems i am always there for EVERYONE, i dont wait for them to ask i see they need help and i do it
 but i am now paying for it, i have no-one to blame but myself.
My life is spinning out of control and i have no idea how to stop it.
How to get back too 2 months ago where i was coping,
where i could laze on the couch and not care that there was toys everywhere, or washing to fold or floors to mop

Where has that person gone? How do i find her again?
How do i find ME!
I love being a mother but i think as many of us do the real me has gotten pushed aside and the mummy panties are on full time.

Im sure there is light at the end of the tunnel but at the momment this tunnel is very dark and very lonely and i am trying to find my way out on my own.

Im not ashamed, I am scared but I am also REAL
So can someone hand me a torch?

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meal Planning Tuesday - double ups and new & easy

Its Tuesday again!
Every week it gets quicker and quicker im sure of it
This week i've doubled up on some meals from last week
Im lacking some motivation
but to make up for it Ive got 2 new recipes that look pretty easy.

Wednesday - warm crumbed chicken salad with an easy homemade dressing
Thursday - Beef, miso & sesame noodles
Friday - Roasted jacket potatos
Saturday - Porcupines
Sunday - Pine nut, parmesan & herb crusted baked fish fillets
Monday - Tuscan chicken and pasta in the slow cooker
Tuesday - Chicken Pie

Whats on this weeks menu for your family?
Is has anyone tried any of my recipes or used my meal plan?
How has it all worked out?
would love to know!

You can find more recipes & inspiration over at the gorgeous Katrinas blog,

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Its a Bird! No its a plane...

No its SuperMum!

Who? Me? really?

Over the past few months I've had a few people call me "supermum"
and in all honesty I really dont know how to take it.
I get offened sometimes, mainly just brush it off and say thanks
not sure what im thanking them for but it seems like the right thing to say.

I dont see myself as a "supermum"
I am a mum
I cook, i clean, i bath
I teach, I cuddle, I wipe bums
I Laugh, I giggle, I Cry
I rock babies, pat backs and tuck sheets in
I keep them warm and content and happy

But dont all mums?

I guess some of the people who have made this comment are saying it in the nicest way
with the nicest intentions because they see how much i do on a daily basis
But i dont think its any more then some.
I would say yes its more the most
 but im sure there mummas out there doing more and kudos to them i say!

I am a mum 1st
A partner
A housewife
A friend
I Blog
I have a small FB business
I have a FB addiction
 siiigh yes its true but im getting better ;)
I plan and organsie
We go to playgroup once a week
We go to speech therapy once a week
Daycare is twice a week and kindy will start in the new year
And quite possibly i shall be going back to work in august.

But none of that makes me extraordinary.
That makes me a mum, that makes me, me!
So where does the "super" come from?

I have the choice to stop pretty much half of that list at any time and somedays i do nothing
I mean nothing no housework no blogging no crafting
I sit in a messy lounge room relaxing & playing with the boys
But most of the time i am doing something.
My mind runs a million miles an hour with ideas or planning
that i wish i could stop its exhuasting
But its who i am, I am busy
If I stop, I over think, I get down, I start to beat myself up.
Its easier and I'm alot happier if im doing something for my boys, something productive,
something i can feel good about,
something i can be proud of.

If your calling me a "supermum" because im a mum
then awesome i'll wear that title with pride because
us mummas are ALL supermums
But if you're calling me a "supermum" because i had a crazy busy day
and still cooked a homecooked meal for my family, or im blogging or crafting then i kindly ask you not too.

I am no better, no more "super" then the next mum
I'm only a "super" mum because I am a mum.
Just like YOU are a "super" mum because you are a mum too.
No-one has super powers like a mumma
So lets all be "super" mums together

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Friday, July 1, 2011

This week im grateful for

The gorgeous Miss R
Also known as Mr S little cousin
soon to be known as mum :)

If it wasnt for this beautiful girl
Mr S and I wouldnt be going out on our first ever date night
in i have no idea how long.

I am truly grateful more then words can express
How much this means to me
Even in her heavily pregnant state Miss R is comiong over to put our boys to bed
So we can go out for dinner and go see a movie

Yes a child free dinner
No sharing, no bribing Master J to take just one more mouthful
Just pure adult time

Even more exciting is the fact we are being given this opportunity
It's been a long time over due
We have reached a point where we need to start taking some time out for us as a couple
To re work our realtionship
To make it stronger more romantic
We all need time out as a couple once in awhile
Im excitied this is our first step.

So thankyou my gorgeous girl
This means the so much to us
One day we WILL repay the favour
But right now we owe you the world.

Playing along with the gorgeous Maxabella Loves

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