Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I know...

Joining in with Yay For Home

* I know that i havn't been feeling that happy lately.
But I am on my way back to my happy cheery self

* I know that Stacey from Sunny Mummy
Is amazing, so beautiful and knows just what to say.
I tweeted i was feeling blah and didnt know how to get past it
So she wrote this post dedicated to me and all other mummas.

*I know that opening the blind on the outside of our bedroom filled the whole house with more light
which put me in a much happier mood
add some cute little bow clips and some super comfy trackies
And my blah mood was lifted.

* I know that my big boy is still smitten with his little brother almost 10 months in
As a mum that is the best feeling in the world.

* I also know that even though he is smitten he's not partial to leading him astray
yes even at 3yrs and 10 months they are getting up to harmless mischief ;)

* I know that Mr S aka Fisherman friend ;)
Is finally on the same page as me with one of our biggest issues as a family
As painful as it was for him to admit
He now understands how i feel and he feels the same way too
It dosent make the whole situation any better
but knowing he feels and understands me makes it a whole lot easier to forget about.

* I know there is only 54 days till SPRING my favourite time of the year!
Which also means only 65 days till Lil C's 1st birthday and 73 till my 26th birthday!
both of which i am extremely excited about.

* I know that I have some amazing friends
In person and On FB
And I love watching beautiful friendships form with some amazingly inspirtaional ladies in Blogger Land
I wish i had the time to comment on all your wonderful posts

* I know that last nights hysterical giggle fit with Master J
was just what I and he needed
It was the most beautiful thing

* Lastly I know
Mr S, Master J and Lil C
make my world go around
What do you know?

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