Monday, July 25, 2011

My Diamonds.. week 1

If you read my Embracing the Good post
You would have seen I have been in a not so happy sparkly place
I felt like we were dealing with one bad thing after another
The gorgeous Naomi of Seven Cherubs
suggested maybe it was just how I was looking at everything that was going on

Of course she was right.
Naturally it is very easy to start focusing on just the negatives
which is why I made a decison to try and find the positives and the good in every day
even if its just one thing.
I then comitted to writing a post every Monday.

As some days can be "rough" Ive decided to go with a Diamond in the Rough feel with my posts
They will be all about my beautiful Diamonds I find every day

So here we go some sparkle from last week.

* We have been able to enjoy some winter sunshine
* I had so much support in regards to my little kind of blogging break
I am so very hunmbled by all your lovely comments.
* My maternity leave can be extended for another 12 months
Yayyy I am so glad I dont have to struggle with a decison about wether to go back or not!
* Lil C is finally better and smiling his little head off again
It was a very rough 2 days with no smiles
* Master J is coming out with new words every day
We are completely blown away but what he is learning and absorbing
* We started a new chapter today regarding Master J's daycare
He has started at an amazing centre and I just know the strictness of his team leader
is just we what need to help us and him.
* I came under budget again woot and we are putting the extra money away for Lil C's 1st birthday in September.
* I feel like taking my semi blogging break is just what I needed to relieve some stress
I do miss it somedays though
and lastly
* I have had so many gorgeous girls show their support to me and my little family after some hard times
I am feeling so very lucky and blessed

When I look back on last week despite the big negative I had so much positive has come out of it

Looking on the bright side of life is hard at the best of times
but honestly its much easier writing it down.

I cant wait to see what Diamonds I find this week.

I hope you have been able to find some gorgeous Diamonds in your "rough" days this week too.

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