Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hurting and needing time to heal

This is a post I dont want to write
Its one I havn't taken lightly
But its one I have to do.

After recent events in my life that have been hard for me to deal with
In which my child has now been blogged about in a negative light
I will be stopping blogging "often" until I feel comfortable again.

I am hurt beyond comprehension that my 3yo has been the centre of these negative comments
especially from someone I once trusted and loved.
But I just feel like I am not protecting him enough from the evil real world by being here.

I wish no ill on the persons involved I really dont
Im going to assume they were angry, i mean thats no excuse but I know what they are like
I just hope they realise what they have said is not ok
NOT true and that I am hurt
wether they care or not it hurt alot

I will still be on Twitter and on my Facebook page and Pinterest
I am also thinking I will still post my weekly meal plans and my positive/good posts every monday
You cant get rid of me that easily ;)
But i think thats all I have in me.
There may be one or two posts, I'm happy to guest post if anyone needs any help
I just cant committ to regular posts anymore

I need to put myself and my family first.

I dont want to do this and honestly I shouldn't have to
But I'am hurting
I need time to heal

I hope you all understand and I thank every single one for you on here twitter and FB
for your amazing support
It really means the world to me.

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