Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Know...

This week the

*I know that coming under budget which included buying extras is awesome!
And also allows mumma to buy a pretty new recipe book stand :)

* I know that I am addicted to Pinterest
There is so many awesome ideas out there that I've had to start a
"Stuff n things to do ASAP" board
for the things I reeeallly want to do.

* I know that life at the momment is tough
But that I will get thought it.
That there will be changes made and I am looking at a new direction
Not 100% sure which direction it is exactly but I'll let you know when I do!

* I know that i have big dreams for my career, my crafty hobby & my blog
but that I feel like I am striving for them alone
I feel like I have no-one in my corner.
I feel almost ready to quit it all

* I know that my boys can melt any negative feelings away in an instant with a few new words or a big gummy smile.

* I know Master J is talking more & more every day

* I know that he is getting too clever for his own good

*I know he made me cry tears of happiness with one small Heytell message.
how he even knows how to send one of those is beyond me lol

* I know that Lil C will be walking before we know it
he has mastered crawling and has just about mastered pulling himself up on everything.

* I know that Lil C finally has at least one toothie peg ready to pop through

* I know that he loves having a little independence when it comes to feeding himself

* I know that i think thats all I know this week and I that I should leave some
knowledge for next week

What do you know this week?

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