Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pinterest Craft & Something for mummy ;)

I crossed over to the dark side
I am now a pinner on Pinterest
you can follow me here if you are a fellow pinner
You can find so many amazing things on Pinterest
Amazing wedding and birthday ideas
recipes and even craft projects.

I cam across this craft project the the other day

And loved the whole idea
Now this is not my idea at all and i believe by the watermark its from Little Birdie Secrets
But i thought i would show you how i created my very own, in next to no time too!

All you need is A photo frame with glass, some gorgeous scrapbooking paper, pretty paper or even some wrapping paper you love and some dry erase markers.

So i settled Master J down with toy story 2
and some of his own special "nachos"
(corn chips and grated cheese)
And cut out my paper and popped it in the frame.

I am so in love with this paper
I was kind of sad it was my last little bit :(
so if anyone knows where i can get some more i would love you forever
I am however happy that everyone else gets to enjoy seeing it now too.

Then take your dry erase maker and get busy writing!

I chose to write this quote on this particualr day
Its one I love
One that is so very true
One i need to remember

Well there you have it
one of the quickest, easiest, most beautiful craft project you could find
The best part is I can change the paper to suit my moods
Write a differnt quote or message every day.
Its now taken pride of place on our kitchen bench

and even Mr S is secretly excitied to write soemthing on it ;)
But ssshhhh i didnt tell you that

I pin more and more things every day
Thanks to some lovely ladies I follow who seem to find the most amazing pictures
And I'm excitied to start some new craft projects and recipes that I've pinned

So if your a Pinterest addict or just starting out
Happy Pinning
but be warned...
Its addictive ;)

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