Friday, July 1, 2011

This week im grateful for

The gorgeous Miss R
Also known as Mr S little cousin
soon to be known as mum :)

If it wasnt for this beautiful girl
Mr S and I wouldnt be going out on our first ever date night
in i have no idea how long.

I am truly grateful more then words can express
How much this means to me
Even in her heavily pregnant state Miss R is comiong over to put our boys to bed
So we can go out for dinner and go see a movie

Yes a child free dinner
No sharing, no bribing Master J to take just one more mouthful
Just pure adult time

Even more exciting is the fact we are being given this opportunity
It's been a long time over due
We have reached a point where we need to start taking some time out for us as a couple
To re work our realtionship
To make it stronger more romantic
We all need time out as a couple once in awhile
Im excitied this is our first step.

So thankyou my gorgeous girl
This means the so much to us
One day we WILL repay the favour
But right now we owe you the world.

Playing along with the gorgeous Maxabella Loves

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