Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grateful for..

...My daddy
I'm a daddys girl striaght out and simple
He was always there when I needed him
and even to this day he still is.
I loved his smell and rough skin
His big hands and cuddles

My dad isn't the other half of me though
He's my step dad by law, but my dad by love.
My mum and him are now divorced
So technically he is meant to be "nothing" to us.

The divorce was ugly, to say the least
but through it all
dad was always there
He could have cut my brother and myself out once the divorce was finalised
Afterall we aren't his biological kids
But he didn't
I don't think it even crossed his mind
He has been our dad since I was 2 and I am almost 26.
You cant walk away from that.

My daddy and I have a werid relationship
We use to fight all the time
Gemmini and Virgo
need i say more
We've had massive lows but so many highs
But eventually we reached a point where we were getting along
And it hasnt changed since.

He helps my fix my car
or with money if we are desperate
Fixes my computers and is even hooking us up with a little holiday home soon (hopefully)

So this week I am grateful for my Daddy
I am grateful he is always here for me
I am grateful he didn't leave us
I am grateful he is a grandfather to my babes

I am grateful he came into out lives all those years ago

I love you Dad

What are you grateful for this week?

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