Sunday, July 3, 2011

Its a Bird! No its a plane...

No its SuperMum!

Who? Me? really?

Over the past few months I've had a few people call me "supermum"
and in all honesty I really dont know how to take it.
I get offened sometimes, mainly just brush it off and say thanks
not sure what im thanking them for but it seems like the right thing to say.

I dont see myself as a "supermum"
I am a mum
I cook, i clean, i bath
I teach, I cuddle, I wipe bums
I Laugh, I giggle, I Cry
I rock babies, pat backs and tuck sheets in
I keep them warm and content and happy

But dont all mums?

I guess some of the people who have made this comment are saying it in the nicest way
with the nicest intentions because they see how much i do on a daily basis
But i dont think its any more then some.
I would say yes its more the most
 but im sure there mummas out there doing more and kudos to them i say!

I am a mum 1st
A partner
A housewife
A friend
I Blog
I have a small FB business
I have a FB addiction
 siiigh yes its true but im getting better ;)
I plan and organsie
We go to playgroup once a week
We go to speech therapy once a week
Daycare is twice a week and kindy will start in the new year
And quite possibly i shall be going back to work in august.

But none of that makes me extraordinary.
That makes me a mum, that makes me, me!
So where does the "super" come from?

I have the choice to stop pretty much half of that list at any time and somedays i do nothing
I mean nothing no housework no blogging no crafting
I sit in a messy lounge room relaxing & playing with the boys
But most of the time i am doing something.
My mind runs a million miles an hour with ideas or planning
that i wish i could stop its exhuasting
But its who i am, I am busy
If I stop, I over think, I get down, I start to beat myself up.
Its easier and I'm alot happier if im doing something for my boys, something productive,
something i can feel good about,
something i can be proud of.

If your calling me a "supermum" because im a mum
then awesome i'll wear that title with pride because
us mummas are ALL supermums
But if you're calling me a "supermum" because i had a crazy busy day
and still cooked a homecooked meal for my family, or im blogging or crafting then i kindly ask you not too.

I am no better, no more "super" then the next mum
I'm only a "super" mum because I am a mum.
Just like YOU are a "super" mum because you are a mum too.
No-one has super powers like a mumma
So lets all be "super" mums together

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