Sunday, July 17, 2011

Embracing the good

Ok so no secret I've been rather blue lately
I blame the weather and the chain of events that happend from putting myself first.
Add money, end of maternity leave, silly little things going wrong and too many ideas, not enough time
and it makes for one miserable mumma.
Where it really shouldn't be making me glum.

I finally reached a point yesterday where I said, enough!
There is no need to be this miserable
how do I get myself out of it?
Where do I start?
Who do I talk to?

The answer to the last question was easy, the gorgeous Naomi of Seven Cherubs
Someone I trust even though we've never met, someone I respect.

I put all these "issues" forward to her
Im sure she thinks I'm a drama queen ;)
And her reply was simple but powerful!

Feeling like this is perfectly normal
Maybe I'm looking for the negatives thats why I feel like thats all thats happening to us
Maybe I need to lower my expectations and think about the things that happen differntly.

I read her reply email a few times
each time agreeing more and more
Naomi thought maybe her words wouldn't help me
but they helped more then expected!

This mummy of 7 cherubs was completely right
The only way to change my mood was to change my thinking.

The silly thing is I believe all those types of quotes yet I havn't been living them out..

      **image                            **image

But It's always easy to believe then actually apply it to your life right?
Or is that just me :|

Yesterday the sun was shininng we had clear blue skys
so i bundled my babes, the pram and Master J's Cars bike
and took them down to the beach.
We walked and he rode and we sat at the playground in the sunshine
and I pondered
I pondered Naomis words
How was I going to change all this negativity that seems to be consuming our lives.

Seeing as I cant change the weather
I need to change my attitude
Its time to...
*no image credit found

It's time to find the good in every situation.
The good in every day.
My babes are a given good, every day they make me happy, no question
Its finding the good in the rest of my life.

And what better way to do that then to blog about it.
Now of course life has ups & downs, good & bad
But i think I'm focusing more on the negatives then the positives
and this is what this will be all about
foucsing on the positives
having them all in one spot, out in the open
so if I start to feel like im slipping back to the negatives
I can see all the wonderful, amazing things I really do have going on in my life.

I've decided that every Monday
well hopefully
I will post about all the good positive things I found in my last week.
At least 1 for every day with pictures and quotes.
I started finding yesterday and i will Blog it a week from tomrrow so i get the full weeks worth.

This way I am comitted to finding the good and I hope you will all hold me to it too.

And if Im up for it I'll post a status on the Mum-ments Facebook page with one good thing from my day.
I would love to see what good everyone else finds in there day :)

Its time to change
Its time to...

I have to send the biggest thankyou to Naomi
I am almost a complete stranger to her, yet she found the time in her busy life to give me her perspective.
and for this I am truly grateful

Somtimes an outsiders ideas, thoughts and views are all we need to kick start ourselves.

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