Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meal Planning - om nom nom

First off il apologise for bombarding you all with my million of bloggs a day
im trying to get all the bloggs il do the same time weekly out there so its easier to explain myself and nice and quick
so please bare with me

I fiiinally recieved my OTi Organiser today
and im so extremely excitied!
It has many a organising tools post it notes, contact book and...
A Meal Planning section on every weeks page (YAYYYYY)

Which bring me to this particular post

So Meal planning we all know what it is right?
You plan your weekly meals
saves those night at feral o'clock staring into the fridge and freezer going
"What are we going to have for dinner"

it means you can prepare bits and pieces throughout the day so once cooking time hits you just chuck it all together

Massive time saver at dinner time and shopping time
If you combine the two and only buy what you need for your meal plan plus essentials youl save sooo much money because your not buying stuff going oh i could make that and then deciding you dont want too.

Saves MONEY and we all love to save $ right!
no buying things you dont really need, no quick trips to the takeaway joint when you cant decide what to have

Which in turn also makes it healthier
You choose your menu for your family, what you know they'll eat.

My Meal planning was inspired by another meal planning mum
who blogs her meal plan every week.

So here is my Meal Plan for this week
I plan on a monday and tuesday as i shop on a wednesday

Wednesday - Bbq chicken wraps/rolls
Thursday - BBQ
Tikka Tala Chicken and Homemade Chicken patties for Master J
mushroom and onion, potato slices and pasta salad
Friday - Home crumbed Chicken Schnitzel and salad
Saturday - Bolognese sauce roll
Sunday - Chicken Leek and Mushroom pie
*will also prepare mondays meal
Monday - Slow cooker recipe base chicken
*prepared sunday so its easy to just chuck in first thing in the morning
Tuesday - Tacos
*as you can see there is alot of chicken this isnt always the case we try and alternate between chicken and beef daily

There it is i will also try and add some recipes as my meal planning posts go along in the mean time if theres any meals ive listed you wish the recipe for just ask and il type it up