Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Lately iPhone 4 styles

Oh life why must you be so busy!
Blog post coming about that soon.. maybe!

So here is my Life Lately post linking up with Ms Louisa Claire

I studied... with a helper ;)

we had a lovely time at Victor Harbour on Adelaide Cup day

Where I got sun stroke (naughty mummy) and spent most of the next day on the couch feeling rather ill

I had work the day after that all day and had to drive home in THIS!
torrential rain, flooded roads, thunder AND lightning
I NEVER want to do that again!

Then we rugged up for an early drop off at Nannys so mumma could go to work... again

There was beef and lentil tacos for mother, son dinner

and banana pikelets for saturday morning breakfast

Life has all of a sudden just exploded with busyness
and I am exhausted but we are getting there slowly and still having lots of fun on the way!
How has life been for you lately?
Why not link up too :)

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