Sunday, March 11, 2012

Life Lately ~ iPhone 4 styles

Yayyyyy Miss Louisa Claire created a linky for her posts
"Life Lately"
Love how peer pressure is the winner of the day hehehe ;)

So here is a sneek peek into our lives this week!

After a few hiccups, I was finally able to enrol in 3 subjects for my TAFE course.

We enjoyed glorious Autumn weather

I got squishy mummy kisses from Lil C

and big boy kisses from Master J

There was park fun at 5pm

and boys being boys

and not forgetting, chocolate ice cream

more outside fun in the sun and picnic lunches

and a date with Master J at an engagement party

What a fun but busy week we've had!
Definatly loving this Autumn sunshine and kisses with my boys.
Looking forward to next week and all its blissful momments.

Whats been happeing in your "Life Lately?"

And don't forget to LINK UP! if you post about it ;)

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