Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ooh! That's! ~ The Mummy edition

I'm a mummy and some days are a little hard
ok who am I kidding somedays I just want to run and hide

But its the most rewarding thing in the world
since having my babies I have always said being a mummy to these 2 precious little boys
Is what I was put on this earth for
yep even when I'm having a really bad day, once its over I know its all meant to be

So this week for Tina Gray {dot} Me

Ooh, that's!

I thought I'd share some motherhood quotes from my

They are all of that and more, i want this in my lounge room
I love this every stretchie has a reason for being there
I'm proud of my "love lines"

something we should all remember as mummys

Alright hands up if youve done it ;)
I have well with a leaky nappy once nappy is changed that is

I find it so hard to let the mess go but this would be the perfect reminder

It was never going to be easy but if we remember these little things
we'll learn to cherish it and live in the momment alot more

What have you been pinning on Pinterest this week?

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