Friday, November 18, 2011

Its been awhile

Since I've felt the desire to blog
Since I've had some of my copius amounts of motivation

Both of which seem to have come back.. somewhat

Life hasn't been easy the past 3-4 months
We've had a huge life change and both myself and the kids have had a hard time adjusting
I am well on my way to the other side as are the boys
But things got tough again so I opted out of the blog-osphere and prioritised
Best decison I have ever made!

I wont lie Mr S and I have had some mega fights recently mainly over visitation
It got to the point where he had me in tears with things that have nothing to do with him anymore
Its been horrible
I think, well hope really that finally we have reached a happy medium.

Other then that things are fabulous!
I am enjoying being a single mumma its hard work but the days are getting easier and happier
I am finding keeping us all busy works, even if its for only half a day!
I am still enjoying being at work, I'm still finding time to get my nails done and cook
Im still orgainisng and meal planning
I've found time to do more craft, oh and the Christmas Craft woohoo
I've even found time to read my books or a magazine or watch a DVD
The only way I've been able to do this is to prioritise, organise and not sit down of a night time
until im done.. it works for me :)

Lil C is finally walking non-stop now not just a few toddles here and there 
so Master J is having a ball having a little play friend
although they are quite differnt so there are plenty of fights!
His talking is coming along alot quicker then master Js was at the same age which is one less stress off my shoulders for the time being at least
He's still ym smiley little owlet and he is defiantly a mummas boy, we are very alike.

Master J is still coming in huge leaps with this speech and toilet training... most days without alot of fuss
He's excitied for Christmas this year, he still dosent fully understand but the look on his face when he saw the decorations was amazing
But not as good as his reaction at the Christmas pageant the other weekend.
Yes I was crazy enough and a Christmas freak enough to brave the pageant alone, with 2 kids on a hot day
It was a total success though.. just saying ;)

Both of the boys areLOVING being outside especially in the pool and under the play castle sprinkler
which is working perfectly for me as they entertain each other and I can sit and watch or potter around inside, close by.
I guess you could say things are going great
I have turned a corner (a blog post will come about that) and despite any other drama things are looking up!

Which leads me to the slight change in my bloggy direction
After seeing a post and some of the comments on the fabulous Nathalies FB page
about not enough blogs out there that dont fit the stereotypical mould of "ideal/perfect family"
I have decided to focus a little more on showing you how I cope being a single mother
Im not 100% sure how it will work out, what I might even right about 
but Its a challenge I want to take.

In saying that if theres anything you want to see me write about,
or how I cope with certain things just let me know and I'll try my best to explain
you can ither leave it in the comments section or e-mail me at

Along with this new focus there will be a slight change on meal planning day, lots more craft, definatly some Christmas posts and of course some link ups and every day rambles.
So stay tuned...

On that note, before I burn your eyes with any more ramble I shall leave this post at that!
It feels good to be semi-back.. again.. for like the 3rd time
But as they say 3rd times a charm.

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