Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ooh! That's ~ The words I love edition

How could I make another come back and NOT link up with the divine miss Tina Gray from
Tina Gray {dot} Me

Because I love Tina and her blog and we all know I LOVE Pinterest
Its a match made in heaven!

This weeks edition is from my
which is just a collection of quotes and thoughts
that ither fit a certain situation in my life at the time, something I believe, something that is true or something im drawn too.

I love all the ones who are still right there by my side
whole heartedly believe this!
Anything else really would be ridiculous

I beleive in our own versions of fairy tales <3
eveyones is different, but we are all destined to have one

follow them and dont let anyone hold you back

living this one as we speak but I'm picking myself up more and more everyday
and learning so much

True, we are all powerful, we can do anything you put our minds too
even in the word "impossible" is the word "impossible"
Believe it and you WILL do it
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