Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pinterest Make Me Challenge - Christmas Wreath

This week I'm linking up with the 2 gorgeous ladies
who are behind the awesome new linky the
 Pinterest Make Me Challenge

Pinterest is awesome for inspiration even more so when you're a wee bit crafty
well even if you're not actually!

So with Christmas not that far away and decorating in full swing in my little house
I made my own version of a Christmas Ribbon Wreath

*image source Pinterest

All you need is a wire coathanger and some christmas ribbon or ribbon in your Christmas Theme
Im doing a red, green and silver/white them this year

All you have to do is undo the hook part and bend the coathanger into a circle of a size you're happy with.
Cut the ribbon into lengths that suit you and then tie in knots or bows around the coathanger circle

Keep adding ribbon until its full and your happy.

and then voila!

One Christmas Wreath in your Christmas theme to hang on the door!
Easy peasy right?

If you dont link the ribbon look why not try Coffee Drinking Mummy to Fives Pinterest inspired Christmas wreaths
one of these...

Have you made anything off Pinterest lately?
Dont forget to link up or comment on Blossom Hearts post if you have

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