Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friendship & My Turning Point

About a month ago I reached a point where I felt a change in myself.

For weeks I had been struggling to find my happy place again
It was affecting everything but more then anything It was affecting how I was with my kids.
I wanted to get back to being the mum I aim to be but I was struggling
How could I be that mum when I wasn't happy in myself.

Alot of friends turned their backs on me after the seperation
and that made things even worse.
All I kept asking myself was how could they not understand that I wasn't the person I was a few weeks before it happened.

Amongst the pain, confusion and tears 2 ladies stood by me
Never not understanding
Never trying to make me feel anything then what I needed to feel
Never trying to push me into being "better"

Lauren and Em

my angels
The 2 girls who waitied and watched but never walked away as I went through the motions
Who listened to me bitch and moan
Watched me make mistakes but never judged
Who gave me endless amounts of compassion and advice
Who were always just a text message away no matter the time of day or night.

These girls mean the world to me
they both live interstate and both have their own hectic lives
I've only met Lauren once and Never met Em
but you wouldn't know it
Our friendship is amazing and special
and I would be lost without them

If it wasn't for these 2 girls
I wouldn't have reached my turning point when I did
I would still be an emotional mess.

How many of you use the phrase
"tomorrow is a new day"

Now how many of you say it and actually mean it?

I know I use to say it all the time but never actually meant it
yeah tomorrow was a new day but not in the way where yesterdays problems were actually that, yesterdays problems

Until a month ago
Until the support and love from my angels actually came into play

I said that phrase one more time
"tomorrow is a new day"
and I actually meant it
I felt it inside me
I truly believed that tomorrow was my chance to wak eup and start a fresh
Tomorrow was for the taking
Tomorrow could be whatever I wanted to make it without that days issues affecting it.

From that day on things felt differnt
I felt happy and confident
The biggest thing was..
I knew I was finally back on track.

Of course days are still going to be hard, thats just life
I've had 2 of those days already this week
But you know what?
Tomorrow is a new day

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