Friday, December 2, 2011

A new Christmas

It's no secret to most that I LOVE Christmas!
Always have always will
I always try and go a little OTT
although with Pinterest and lots more blogging I can see I need to lift my game a little ;)
some of these girls are even more Christmasy then me
which I didn't think was possible hehe
Christmas is just such a magical time of the year.

This year however took on a whole new level of excitement a whole new level of magic
With it now just being me and the boys
I thought Christmas 2011 was the chance to start a new,
create new memories and new traditions

So this year I brought a new tree and new decorations in new colours
The tree and theme
red, green & silver theme

our tree

Christmas Craft & Decorations
I have also created homemade decorations thanks to Pinterest

christmas wreath and christmas candles

We are also going to bake cupcakes with Christmas toppers
Do some Christmas colouring in, Christmas painting on canvas and I re-pinned a really cute Christmas Printable that I think master J will LOVE

All my presents will be wrapped in brown paper with ribbon to match our theme and christmas tag, just for something a little different.

Our actual presents that are under the tree this year
Our New Traditons
I was hoping to get a an Elf on the Shelf but ran out of time
BUT the gorgeous Lisa of Life as we know it - Blog came to my resuce and had a spare "similar" type elf that Is on his way to out little home
I can't wait to get him I think we'll start off small this year as the boys may be a bit young but its goiung to be a fabulous new tradition as they get older!
I'm also taking inspiration from the Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

and doing a North Pole breakfast for the boys

I'm going to take them to the Old Noarlunga light set up and I thought a cool new tradition would be to make some Christmas Pizza and have a Christmasy kind of dinner too

Christmas pizza

I was going to do Christmas cards with a family photo of us 3 but because my photographer is my little cousin and she is busy at school and sport I have decided to just do a Christmas photo shoot.

We also went to the Christmas pageant for the 1st time this year which will now be an on going tradition

Our Old Traditions
We have a few traditions that will stay like
Opening one present and watching the Polar express on Christmas eve
Last year we created the boys hand and footprint decoration for the tree which I'll do again this year
And of course a photo with Santa
I will also be reading them my most favourite Christmas book the week into Christmas just as my mum use to do with my brother and I

I think I just saw Santa
I will also be posting the pages of the book on my Facebook page so you can all read along with us!
We like to leave the tree lights on over night ahang the Santa key outside Santa can find the house and get inside ;)
The boys will also leave out some cookies and milk for Santa and carrotts and water for the reindeer

As you can see we are fully into the Christmas spirit in the house and I am LOVING it!
Master J is defiantly at the age where he understands it so much more and I love seeing that and Lil C just gets excitied because we both are hehe
I can't wait for next year when they'll both be right in to it

What kind of traditons do you have in your family?
Are you starting any new ones this year?

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