Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meal Planning Wedneday!

When I made my come back
I mentioned that my meal planning day had changed.
It is now on wednesdays mainly due to the fact I work most wednesdays and that Master J developed this new love for grocery shopping!
So our shopping day is now thursday and when our meal planning week starts

Now grocery shopping might not be a fantastic child hood memory for most
but for me It was something I looked forward to when I was on school holidays.
Mum would take my brother and I shopping and we would be treated to a packet of chips and a drink
all while helping take things off the shelves.
So even thought I was stressed to take both of them to begin with we seem to have a routine down pat
we find a park and grab a twin toddler trolley so they can both sit in the front of the trolley then we head to baker delight for cheesymite scolls.
First on the list is fruit and veg I dont tend to spend to mch time in there so I hold off on giving them their snack and drink until we reach Coles.
Then thats where I do the rest of our shopping and everytime we pass the deli J asks for
"miley fitz" aka smiley fritz.. even if he has a mouthful of scroll!
Every week we do the same thing and I hope I am building this great little child hood memory for both of them and eventually get them interested in cooking more once they are a bit older.

Anyways back to the point of the post... The meal plan!
The Organised Housewife

Thursday - Gnocchi Bake from the 4 Ingredients Kids book

Friday - Pastie pie from the freezer or homemade Chicken schnitzel and potato salad

Saturday - just me Moroccan Chicken Risotto

Sunday - Porcupines
the boys have a christmas lunch so they'll have something light like toastie toasties

Monday - Leftover Porcupines for the boys
and Rice a Riso for me after work

Tuesday - Cunchy chicken fingers, pasta salad and roast potatos

Wednesday - Nachos with guacamole, cheese and sour cream

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