Monday, December 5, 2011

Love is in the air

and it makes me smile... alot
I havn't felt this happy in a long time

Amongst the bad days I am given yet another reason to smile

The beginning is always the most exciting...

The butterflies I feel when I'm about to see him
The anticipation of waiting to hear from him
The smiles when he says something sweet
The tingle when I'm kissed or cuddled
The fun in planning the next date or the next time I will see him
The excitement of it being fresh and new

We have so much in common yet are so different
and it seems to work perfectly
It's very early days and things have leaped forward to where we are now
but it feels so right
What society thinks is "appropriate" seems to not matter
He talks in whens not ifs
We are both on the same page
We have both been upfront and its worked

He makes me feel safe
Makes me feel beautiful and confident
I can talk to him about my insecurities about us
Insecurities that aren't there but have come about because of my past
and he understands, he dosen't run!
Thats HUGE! he helps me so much already.

One day we will meet each others children
but for now its about building us and having fun.

We have huge hurdles to cross in the near future
one we have already jumped together and come out the otherside relatively unscathed
But if we can get through them still in one piece
It was meant to be.

The days ahead look fun and bright
full of laughter, love and smiles...

So many smiles.

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